Craft Challenge #32 – DIY Halloween Costumes

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This month, in honor of everyone’s favorite candy coated holiday our challenge was DIY Halloween Costumes! This was a reprise of last year’s challenge that set the bar very high!

When I say there were a ton of entries for this challenge, I mean it almost literally. 215 entries! Wow! Despite the large number of entries, it was a really close vote, with the winner squeaking by with TWO more votes than second place!!

The winner of this month’s challenge is sjeanette with her entry titled “Where the Wild Things Are (and Max!)

Where the Wild Things Are (and Max)!

Sjeanette created all of the masks AND made or reconned all of the outfits! To read the full post and to see more photos of this project, please follow this link:

Sjeanette is the winner of any one item of her choosing from Craftster’s Spreadshirt shop!

Craftster Spreadshirt Shop
Craftster SpreadShirt shop

Now for second place, we have zoemarie and her Statler and Waldorf masks! It honestly amazes me what you can do with a little bit of green craft foam!

WALDORF: They aren’t half bad.<br /> STATLER: Nope, they’re ALL bad!

To see more photos and project details, visit this link:

doyouloveanapple came in a not too distant third for her entry “Vagina’s Are Beautiful (possibly NSFW)“!

Vagina's are Beautiful!

This is a fantastic project! BUT you probably don’t want to view this at work! To read more about this project, go here:

Of course, with all those entries I have to give out some honorable mentions!

Like the Yard Gnome Riding a Snail
Tally ho!

And the Price is Right wheel

And a Big Mac!
Mac Attack!

Thanks to all of our entrants this month and a very special thank you to Leah for our prize package!

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