Craft Challenge #12 – Kitschy Craft Contest – The Winners!

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Congrats to the winner of Craft Challenge #12 – Kitschy Craft Contest!! The rules of this challenge were that you had to use at least three supplies from the following list: chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners), dried pasta/macaroni in any shapes, gimp (aka plastic lacing), popsicle sticks, plastic easter grass, pom poms, and potholder loops (aka jersey loops).

And the winner is…. PinkyK for her amazing Kitschy Couture – Chanel “Inspired” Ensemble which she made from potholder loops, gold pipe cleaners, gold gimp!

And for winning, PinkyK gets a copy of each of the following books:

And although there was only one winner in this challenge, here are some other brilliant entries that got lots of votes:

Marie-Antoinette Headpiece by FlawedMaude

Groovy *Beaded* Pom Pom Curtain! by hercuteness

The Virgin of Guadalupe — IN PIPE CLEANERS! Blasphemy or awesomeness? by Steph_Kafton

Kitschy Beads an’ Baubles Clock by RubyTuesday

The Good Ship Ragu and the Pasta Pirates by Kappy

“Man’s Ruin” shrine in a baking tin by DevilDoll

Google-eye Tufted Warbler by TwistedRedhead

Thank you all for making my kitschy dreams come true with this challenge!

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