Craft Challenge #11 – Thrift Store Art Revamp – The Winners

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Here the winners for Craft Challenge #11 – Thrift Store Art Revamp!!

Cick on the links to see actual entry with full-size images and the creator’s description.

First Place:
Nanny Beatrice Grace and the heavenly host by rackycoo

Second Place:
From Black Velvet Landscape Painting to Tote Bag by craftworkbook

Third Place:
And Really Bad Eggs by KatintheCappello

Fourth Place:
Darksong a la G. Cementon (and me) by mixymo

Fifth Place:
Peacock! Hedgehog! Snail! by hercuteness

Congrats to the winners who get some combination of these prizes:

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  1. rackycoo says:

    Thanks, everyone! I’ve got to give credit also to my daughter, BananaAmbush. We had the best time working together on Nanny’s portrait.

  2. hercuteness says:

    it’s so much fun to see what people can do with a little “vision.” craft challenges really bring out some of the best ideas. thanks everyone.

  3. patty cake says:

    I’ll never look at paining on black velvet the same again!!!!!

  4. Miss Dot says:

    I think the velvet painting bag is the most amazing thing I have seen! will be keeping my eyes open next time I am thrifting!

  5. Marushka Lover says:

    I am having a heart attack after seeing what happened to those three marushka prints that looked to be in perfect condition!!!!! The finished work was cute enough, but OH! I am crying about those Marushkas being ruined.

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