Coraline Crafts

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Coraline Necklace It’s no surprise that Craftsters love Coraline. Neil Gaiman’s writing, Henry Selick’s stop motion (he also directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, another Craftster fave), and omg TINY KNITTING! How could we not fall in love with this movie?

This movie is just inherently crafty by nature. Since this is not a live action film, everything in Coraline’s world(s) needed to be created somehow. There are lots of behind the scenes videos at the Coraline website showing all the amazing craftiness that went into making this film. There is a video explaining that the cherry blossoms are pink popcorn, there is one about creating the hair for the characters, and even explaining the process of punching Mr. Bobinsky’s hair into… well… Mr. Bobinsky! But by far my favorite is the video about knitting of Coraline’s teeny tiny sweater. The website even has a free pattern so you can make your own! (Real person sized, of course.)

Lots of Craftsters have made their own little versions of Coraline! Coraline dolls (and poppets, of course) have sprung up all over Craftster. Their detailing is awesome! Most of them have the look down to a tee, even her rain coat and wellies!

Coraline Doll Coraline Poppet Coraline Doll

Of course, Coraline isn’t the only adorable thing that can be made into a soft snuggly friend. Coraline’s stuffie friends squitty and the skull turtle are obvious choices! Of course, one of the scottie dogs would make a perfect stuffed friend, but another person made a seeing stone plush! A polymer clay circus mouse, complete with cotton candy is the icing on the cake!

Squitty stuffie Skull Turtle Squitty stuffie
Scottie Dog Seeing stone Mouse

Toys aren’t the only Coraline crafts popping up. There are clothing items, housewares, art, you name it!
Check out the cowl inspired by Coraline’s sweater, oven mitt like Other Mother’s, and the garden made of sequins!

Coraline Cowl coasters beaded box
ovenmitt Button Box Coraline Garden

Don’t forget to check out the Coraline tag for more great projects! What’s your favorite Coraline craft?

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  1. nuttywoman says:

    What a great talent Coraline has, her work is outstanding.

  2. MalibuKasey says:

    EEEEEEKKKK!!!! This is AWESOME!!

  3. Xan says:

    Yay, two of my projects are here! The Coraline swap was seriously one of the best Craftster swaps ever. Everyone made such awesome stuff. I love the way that stop motion animation lends itself so well to crafting, because the handmade elements are already there. Coraline especially was chock full of crafty inspiration.

  4. KiwiDragons says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, but I really want to see it. These crafts just make me want to see it more.

  5. Natalie000 says:

    I came across this because Neil Gaiman linked to it on Twitter. He was really excited about it, which is so cool to me.

  6. jungrrl says:

    Me too, Natalie! 🙂

  7. mary ann krest says:

    Hello and please help!

    I would love to purchase a Coraline ragdoll (the lil spy one) but I can’t seem to find anyone that sells it. Okay, I did find one site but the doll was sooo not even close.

    Any suggestions?

  8. olivia says:

    this is sooooooooo ool! i am the number 1 fan of coraline!!!!!! I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO THE WHOLE MOVIE ILL MAKE A VIDEO SHOWING ON TheLivStars YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Coraline Lover says:

    Coraline movie was love at first sight! When someone have an artistic soul it’s easy to fall in love with all the entire movie but also the story.. the book.. everything..!

    I wish I could knitting like the person who made all that tiny things for Coraline doll! But all the people who realize that movie, are my idols! They do a miracle! They show to the world that even the impossible it’s possible! That movie it’s the BEST movie I even seen, but it’s also the best movie of all the time! NO DOUBTS ABOUT!
    The other movie sells because there’s the beautiful actor or ‘actress of the moment… but there’s NOTHING like Coraline Movie! That’s REAL ART!

  10. suZ says:

    I love Coraline.
    I loved the artwork. It was adorable. its adorableness added a certain measure of irony to the story. Im trying to learn how to sew one myself, so i can give it to my sister for Christmas.

  11. chelle says:

    i love coraline i want a coraline doll i want to make.

  12. cutie94 says:

    I just LOVE everething about coraline i saw the movie 1000000000 of times.