Challenge #21 – Total Board Game Revamp

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This challenge was to remake a board game into something new using as many of the parts of a game as you possibly could — every part of the game if possible.

The winner of this challenge is KittyCreates for her entry, Yarn + Hole Puncher + Uno cards = Crochet Uno dress!

Her dress is an amazing creation from a thrifted deck of Uno cards. She made the entire dress of crochet and Uno cards without any patterns. It’s even reversible! She also made the tulle underskirt and a matching purse with crochet handles.

Check out all of her craftiness here:

Uno dress

Uno dress

Uno dress

Uno dress

Also be sure to oogle over all of the entries here:

Here are a couple of the entries that received a lot of votes:

Amazingly Incredibly Awesome Monopoly Outfit!!!! Dress & Purse & Necklace!!!!! by elliebelly123
Another wearable board game! She made this colorful outfit from Monopoly money.
Monopoly dress

It foretells the FUTURE –> The OUIJA BOARD LAMP by Nekoneko
Just in time for Halloween, Nekoneko crafted this eerie Ouija Board Lamp!
Ouija lamp

Also a special thanks to Verilux for donating any Verilux Full Spectrum Lamp of the winner’s choosing!


Verilux full spectrum craft lamps set the standard for natural, “daylight” lighting more than 50 years ago. All Verilux craft lights use full spectrum light to enhance the clarity and contrast of reading materials, projects, craft work and task work. Full spectrum light improves vision while reducing eyestrain and fatigue.

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  1. J says:

    Very clever. Good one girls 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    I am lovin’ that Uno skirt. I am amazed at the knitting! Great!

  3. Jenny says:

    Loving the Uno dress and Monopoly Money dress – well done!

  4. Anonymous says:

    omg that is amazing

  5. Krueg! says:

    Great work!!! I’d Like to see some of that work done with a “Relapse”2-player board game, that can be seen at Google Video…

  6. That is really funny!

  7. Florence says:

    Beautiful and extremely unique. I didnt get out of the city much, sorry to say..,

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