Challenge #20 – Reusable Shopping Bags

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The Reusable Shopping Bag Challenge has wrapped up and as usual I’m totally in awe of the brilliance and variety of unique projects people created!

The winner of the challenge is Lydia the Strange for her entry entitled This IS a plastic bag! Recycled and very reusable!

Her bag is a clever spin on the cloth versions you can see in trendy boutiques in LA and NYC that say ” Not a plastic bag” and cost anywhere from $100-400. As Lydia the Stange says: “See you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to be eco friendly!” It has 9 panels of fused plstic bags sewn together, it’s lined with red duct tape for added strength, and even has a couple of pockets inside. She also posted a great tutorial of the making of the bag! See it in all it’s awesomeness here:

And here are some more entries that goes lots of votes… But of course you’ll want to check them ALL out here:

The Brown Paper Shopping Bag: Reinvented by HSG
This bag is based on the shape of a brown paper grocery bag. But it’s cleverly reengineered to be stronger (with wire and cardboard) and useful with clear pockets for coupons and your shopping list!

seagull bag…. by lilgothkatt
She sewed up her own tote with a seagull applique complete with an actual six-pack ring around it’s neck to get the point across!

Extreme Plastic Bag Makeover by jmesdiylounge
Another really cool example of fusing together plastic bags to make “fabric” you can sew with. Her entry lists some great resources for learning how to do this.

And if you want to make your OWN crafty reusable shopping bag, take a look at the morsbags project which is what inspired this challenge! They have a great animated tutorial for making a totebag. And they encourage people to get together and make lots of them to hand out to others. It’s such a great endeavor!

And I want to say a huge thank you to Simply Spray for donating such a great prize to this challenge: $250 worth fabric paint!

Simply Spray is the only permanent aerosol fabric paint that is totally non-toxic and easy to use. You can use for all kinds of projects. They even have a version that allows you to dye your couch a whole different color! Check out their project gallery and videos showing what you can do with it!

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  1. Beth Soucie says:

    Great! This Chreistmas all my Goody ” Baskets” are in my homemade Totebags, folded down to look like baskets, but afterwards can be kept in the car for shopping. No paper or Plastic–and they are made from old clothes that had fabric that I liked the prints, but didn’t or couldn’t wear any more. Beth

  2. Bill says:

    These will be so much more relevant as municipalities start taxing citizens for using paper and plastic bags for their purchases at the grocery stores. Seattle is planning on taxing at .20 cents per bag… It won’t take long for a market for fashionable reusable bags to catch on.

  3. Jessica says:

    Where I live you already are charged for plastic bags, but they credit you for bringing your own bags. I use Use It Again Sam bags, they are affordable, and you can carry them on your shoulder or by the handle.

  4. I’m glad someone thought this story was worthy of a post. In my opinion the best thing we should do is to ban the plastic shopping bags at all. There is alternatives and I’m pretty sure once the plastic bags is banned manufacturers will come with brilliant ideas. For example, plastic shopping bags are illegal in South Africa anyway because of environmental reasons and nothing happens so why we can’t banned it.

  5. Reusable shopping bags are such a great idea! They save the planet and they look really cool! I got a few bags from a great site and I love them! The price was right and they shipped super fast. I highly recommend this site!

  6. thank so much for all the great information in this post!

  7. Cliff Hudy says:

    Really valuable, thank you.

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