Craftster Crush: Chaircat Mao

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This month, our Craftster Crush is Chaircat Mao!

Unfortunately, Chaircat Mao hasn’t fully mastered using her digital and metacarpal pads for typing just yet, but luckily for us, pottermouth is kind enough to keep us up to date with her catty happenings.

Here are some random facts about Chaircat Mao!

  • She really likes to party.
  • She loves a festive holiday.
  • Although, she is not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.
  • Chaircat even has her own fan club.
  • From time to time, she moonlights as a ringmaster.
  • She’s been featured in beautiful artwork.
  • Thanks for being a part of Craftster, Chaircat! We you.

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    1. I’m such a huge fan of Chaircat’s hats!! pottermouth is so talented and has such a great model! 😀

    2. craftylittlemonkey says:

      Love Love LOVE that crazy cat and all her awesome hats! I am definitely a member of her fan club, and HOW!

    3. kittykill says:

      Best C-ster crush ever!

    4. alwaysinmyroom says:

      Such a fashionista! Truly admire how she works her hats!

    5. Mistress Jennie says:

      Seriously, best feature we’ve ever had for Craftster Crush. Hands down. Or paws down as the case may be.

    6. TheMistressT says:

      I’m so glad it’s not just me crushin’ on the Chaircat!

    7. BeaG says:

      He wears his wacky hats with pride!

    8. Lindy says:

      How can you not love that adorable cat!

    9. anderlance says:

      I am such a fan of Chaircat Mao and all of the lovely hats pottermouth makes for him!

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