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Tute Tuesday: DIY Glitter Ornaments

The holidays are upon us and they are looking brighter than ever. Everywhere you go, decorations are all blinged out. Craftster member lindyv321 has that sparkle with her tutorial for DIY Glitter Ornaments. These little baubles shine bright like a diamond. While the ornaments are fabulous, the best part is that the glitter is on […]

Tute Tuesday: Chocolate Cherry Mice

Oh no! Your kitchen is infested with mice! What are you going to do? Why nibble their noses, of course! These adorable and delectable Chocolate Cherry Mice from McJulio-O have been a long-time favorite of Craftster members. The mice are so easy to make. You don’t need to be a master chocolatier to create these […]

Tute Tuesday: No Fail Fudge

Get a jump start on your holiday baking with cmarion3’s recipe for No Fail Fudge. The very thought of making candy scares the pants off of some. Keep your pants on and make delicious treats with this easy to follow tutorial. There is no way you can screw it up! If you are feeling adventurous; […]

Tute Tuesday: Edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Does anyone really want to sit at the kid’s table? It’s sticky! Let Craftster member StevenJames show you how to turn the table that no one wants to go near, to the spot where everyone will want to hang out, with their tutorial for an Edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece. This super easy centerpiece is fun for […]

Tute Tuesday: Handmade Paper

Do you send out holiday cards? There is nothing better than getting a beautiful handmade card in the mail. Handmade is so much more than what people realize. It is giving a part of yourself. Share your love with those across the world with Handmade Paper holiday cards. Don’t be intimidated by making your own […]

Tute Tuesday: Dessert Tray

Are you planning a Halloween party this weekend? Show off those tasty treats with a one of a kind skull Dessert Tray courtesy of ladypie’s tutorial. Using everyday household items, she shows you how to make a fun and festive tray that will the centerpiece of your Halloween treat table. Guys and ghouls will scream […]

Tute Tuesday: Mini Top Hat

Do you feel the need to get a little fancy? Want to dress up that boring outfit? Why not add some sass to your look with a Mini Top Hat. Craftster member DestinyA shares her tutorial for this delightful hat that is surprisingly easy to make and takes very little time. If you are feeling […]

Tute Tuesday: Felt Owl Costume

Dressing up the little ones for Halloween can be a bit of a challenge. You want them to stay warm, but they want to look cool (or cute, or scary). Craftser member Manda2142 shares her tutorial for a Felt Owl Costume that will make both parents and kiddos happy. This costume is easy to create […]

Tute Tuesday: Reversible Trick-or-Treat Bag

Trick or treating is probably one of the most awesome things ever. You dress up, bang on someone’s door and then get candy or other treats. The only problem is how do you get all that loot home. Just say no to the random pillow case and yes to to h0p31355’s tutorial for a Reversible […]

Tute Tuesday: Sweatshirt Blazer

Weather in autumn can be a bit weird. In the morning it is chilly and in the afternoon it heats up. You are either freezing or roasting. Craftster member craftADD totally gets your dilemma and has created a tutorial for a Sweatshirt Blazer that will keep you warm and stylish on those chilly mornings. This […]

Tute Tuesday: Suit Jacket Purse

Do you have an old suit jacket that is too small or maybe so out of style that it will never be back in fashion again? Don’t throw that it away. Kokoleo will show you how to take that old tweed jacket and make a funky and functional Suit Jacket Purse. This purse can be […]

Tute Tuesday: Liquid Starch Paper Marbling

Sure emails and texts are quick, but there is something about getting a card in the mail that just makes people smile. Sending a one of a kind card to a good friend will let them know how much you truly care about them. The card is meant just for them and there is not […]

Tute Tuesday: Solid Perfume Locket

Are you stressed out? Will a few whiffs of your favorite scent calm your nerves? Craftster member Missing Willow’s tutorial for a Solid Perfume Locket allows you to look fashionable and smell great at the same time. Make several for day, night and seasonal use. These lockets are a fun project for a make and […]

Tute Tuesday: Storage Jar Labels

It’s the end of summer and for gardeners like myself that means canning season. Of course I make too much and I inevitably give the extra jars to family and friends. Being a crafter, I don’t want to just give them a plain jar. I need to add some flair. LesliesHappyHeart shares her tutorial for […]

Tute Tuesday: Coral Bead Bracelet

Are you having a hard time saying goodbye to summer? Never let that summer beach feeling go with alohamom2three’s tutorial for a Coral Beaded Bracelet. This project proves that, even though the bracelet is elegant and looks complicated, it can easily be created thanks to step-by-step instructions and pictures. If you are more of forest […]