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Tute Tuesday: Fabric Snail

It is so much fun to find new ways to scrap bust pieces of fabric. Craftylittlemonkey shares her tutorial for a Fabric Snail that is not only easy make but will help you use up those last bits and pieces of supplies. Create several of these little guys for a nature themed party. You can […]

Tute Tuesday: Skeleton Leggings

It’s almost Halloween and you are still looking for the perfect costume. Don’t fret my little ghoul! There is still time to pull off something epic. Anrondeau share their tutorial for Skeleton Leggings that are easy and fast to create. Using bleach to craft a skeleton-like effect on clothing may seem stressful but if anyone […]

Tute Tuesday: Movable Purple People Eater ATC

Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are so neat. They are little works of art that can be displayed in so many different ways. Craftster member Mountains and Clouds take their ATC to a new level with a Movable Purple People Eater. Who knew monsters could be so cute? This little guy is a great way to […]

Tute Tuesday: Magic Wands

We all want a little magic in our lives. Craftster member CMarion3 knows exactly what you need to spread a little joy. Her tutorial for a Magic Wands are easy to craft and can be personalized with ribbons and other charms. They are fun favors for a variety of events and parties. CMarion3 is making […]

Tute Tuesday: Tiny Haunted House

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be big and over the top. Craftster member Rackyoo shares her tutorial for a Tiny Haunted House that has all the scares but in fun size. This adorable haunted scene is perfect for a tabletop or desk. It has the right amount of Halloween for any space. You can […]

Tute Tuesday: Easy Fancy Cape

You are amazing. You need an outfit that shows off how fancy you are. Craftster member Lothruin shares her tutorial for this Easy Fancy Cape that can be used not only at Halloween, but all year long. This cape goes great with a dress, skirt or pants. While this piece of outerwear is red, you […]

Tute Tuesday: Easy No-Sew Halloween Bunting

Halloween is approaching and as crafty peeps we know the importance of getting started early. MareMare has created a very easy and fun No Sew Halloween Bunting that takes your space from drab to fab. Using scraps of fabric and twine, her tutorial will show you how to make a bunting that will make your […]

Tute Tuesday: Color Splash Feathers

Are you itching to try a new craft? Why not spread your wings and try rockingbearranch’s tutorial for Color Splash Feathers. Using a very simple dye technique she creates beautiful feathers that can be used in a wide variety of projects. Rockingbearranch uses discarded feathers from her chickens, but you can find supplies online or […]

Tute Tuesday: Plastic Bottle Lanterns

Don’t toss that plastic bottle! Save it to make a beautiful Plastic Bottle Lantern. Craftster member cold.dinner share their tutorial for taking every day trash and turning it into something not only swanky, but also functional. Using a little glue, duct and ingenuity, you can create lanterns that are useful any time of the year. […]

Tute Tuesday: Gift Bags from Newspaper

You spent a lot of time crafting the perfect gift for that someone special. You know that presentation is important so don’t settle for just any wrapping paper. Rackycoo shares her tutorial for whimsical Gift Bags from Newspaper that takes recycling to a new level. These bags can also be used to tote your lunch […]

Tute Tuesday: Pleated Scrap Bag

Creating pleats doesn’t have to be intimidating when you use BoatsandSew’s tutorial for a Pleated Scrap Bag. Using bits of leftover fabric you can sew a one of a kind purse that will be the envy of every fashionista. While this project does take some sewing skills, it is in no way difficult for the […]

Tute Tuesday: Scrap Buster Small Bag

Let’s face it, as crafty people we have a hard time letting go of small scraps. Who knows, we might just need them for a future project. Today is the day for us to laugh in the face of everyone who said to throw away those small pieces of ribbon and fabric thanks to craftylittlemonkey’s […]

Tute Tuesday: Mini Messenger Bag

School is back in session for so many of our Craftster members. Head back to class in style with Ickl_1‘s Mini Messenger Bag. This purse may seem tiny but it can hold a lot of stuff. It makes the perfect lunchbox for older kids (including you!) or a small tote for the little brother or […]

Tute Tuesday: 3 Ring Binder Pencil Case

As much as we don’t want to admit it, summer is slowly winding down and we are gearing up for a new school year. Be the head of your class with a fresh and funky Pencil Case for your 3 ring binder from Craftster member LauPre. Using fabric scraps and just a few pieces of […]

Tute Tuesday: Mini Indoor Plant

How are you at growing indoor plants? Is your thumb more brown than green? Never fear! Craftylittlemonkey has the solutions to your plant woes. Her tutorial for a Mini Indoor Plant is not only over the top cute, but it also allows you to enjoy greenery without all the hassle. This little guy is perfect […]