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Tute Tuesday: Cement Orb

Is your backyard ready for summer? Does it need a good weeding and some lawn art? Of course it does! Balatong share their tutorial for a Cement Orb that will take any yard from drab to fab. Using a simple ball for a template, you can create a lawn ornament that is also functional. Add […]

Tute Tuesday: Stumpwork

Are you itching to try a new craft? Why not dive into the stunning world of Stumpwork. This type of needlework allows your project to leap off the fabric. There are different ways to achieve this effect, but the tutorial by Sheepblue is one of the easiest to follow. You will create 3-D art with […]

Tute Tuesday: Heirloom Cowgirl Pillow

I will tell you a secret. I am a little terrified of sewing. I want to sew everything but the thought of actually doing it is a little scary. A few years ago I took the plunge and tried my hand at crafting this Heirloom Cowgirl Pillow. Guess what? It wasn’t that bad! The MistressT […]

Tute Tuesday: Ice Pack Pouch

Let’s face it. We are a bunch of klutzes. We don’t have time to watch where we are walking! We are much too focused on our next craft project to worry about the sides of tables or doors or even curbs. It’s time to put that crafty brain to work and help heal those wounds […]

Tute Tuesday: Easy Handmade Napkins

Isn’t it time you said goodbye to paper napkins? Why not try a new craft and use up those pieces of scrap fabric at the same time . Craftster member Chimes shares her tutorial for Easy Handmade Napkins that you can sew in one afternoon. This project is perfect for beginners and because of its […]

Tute Tuesday: Mini Book Jewelry

Do you have a bibliophile in your life? Why not create a one of a kind piece of jewelry using their favorite books? My_Ruby Slippers shares her tutorial for Mini Book Jewelry that is not only easy to make, but is a fun conversation piece. You can write little notes in the books for that […]

Tute Tuesday: Reusable Shopping Bag

I think we can safely say that reusable bags are no long a trend but definitely an idea that is here to stay. Did you know that it started during World War II as part of saving paper for the war effort? Crafting your own Reusable Shopping Bag is easy with Destined To Fail’s tutorial. […]

Tute Tuesday: Heart Shaped Crayons

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Candy is dandy, but it doesn’t last. Instead of sugary sweets, why not give Heart Shaped Crayons. Sweets4ever shares her easy to follow tutorial for these fun party favors. Don’t stop with crayons, add a journal or coloring book to spark imagination. This project is great for classroom […]

Tute Tuesday: Valentine’s Day Flip It Book

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is time to step up your game and give your sweetie something fun and creative. A Valentine’s Day Flip It Book by sminto is just that gift! Don’t be afraid to try your hand at this tutorial. It is a simple process that anyone can do. Remember […]

Tute Tuesday: Crochet Rainbow Scarf

It’s grey and cold. You need a little something to lift your spirits. Everkutz share their tutorial for this bright Crochet Rainbow Scarf that will bring a ray of sunshine to your winter day. No one can be down in the dumps when they are wrapped up in rainbow! Using simple stitches, the scarf is […]

Tute Tuesday: Recon Sweater into Socks

There are two parts of my body that are always freezing; my hands and feet. I swear, I could be on the equator and my feet would be ice cold. Instead of sticking them on my husband and hearing him scream, I decided to try making my own socks with Sedrasmom’s tutorial for a Recon […]

Tute Tuesday: Tassels

Do you have bits of ribbon and fabric from last year’s projects? Why not try your hand at crafting a Tassels. There is so many ways you can make them. Craftylitlemonkey shares a few of her favorite tutorials to construct these whimsical accessories. She adds beads and other charms to create a more personal touch […]

Tute Tuesday: Tree Ornaments from Scraps

So many people only think of ornaments at Christmas time. The truth is that they can be used all year round. You can have a Valentine’s Day, Easter or summer solstice tree. To celebrate the each season create these festive Tree Ornaments from Scraps. ImaHoundDog share their tutorial for baubles that can be used any […]

Tute Tuesday: Freezer Paper Stencil

Christmas vacation has begun for many households. Million of kids are sitting around with “nothing to do.” Stop the winter boredom with a Freezer Paper Stencil project. Craftylittlemonkey shares her easy tutorial that is perfect for any age group. You can have so much fun creating family t-shirts for photos or last minute gifts for […]

Tute Tuesday: No Stitch Yarn Hat Ornament

Trimming the tree doesn’t have to be a chore when you decorate your spruce with these adorable No Stitch Yarn Hat Ornaments from littlebiskit. Using a paper towel roll and scraps of yarn, she creates charming baubles that look great on any size tree. Not only are they perfect for decorating, but they also make […]