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Tute Tuesday: Harry Potter Lumos Wand

Every summer in July San Diego is the place to be for all things pop culture. Comic Con is fast approaching and you will need to muster up all your magic to navigate the massive waves of people that surround you. Craftster member kiss-chasing has the perfect wand for any spell you need to cast. […]

Tute Tuesday: Silverware Pouch

What are your planning for this July 4th? A backyard BBQ? What about a relaxing camping trip? No matter what your plans are this holiday, take that outdoor party up a notch with this very simple, yet festive Silverware Pouch from HillCityBride. These pouches can be customized for any event. They are a beautiful addition […]

Tute Tuesday: Crochet Face Scrubbies

Did you know that I have the best husband in the entire world. For the past two weeks we have taken crochet class together. It was so much fun! He is doing much better than I am and needless to say, he has won over the heart of our teacher. We are both hooked (ha, […]

Tute Tuesday: Flower Crown

The Summer Solstice is coming up this week. Welcome its arrival with dancing, outdoor celebrations and crowning yourself queen of summer with 11denson’s tutorial for a Flower Crown. This project represents everything wonderful about summer by using what nature has to offer. Make several in different sizes for your favorite maidens. If allergies have a […]

Tute Tuesday: Passport Wallet

Adventure is out there! It’s time to move out of your comfort zone and discover new things. You do not want to worry about your passport and travel itinerary when you are trekking through the great outdoors. Craftster member CraftyCarrie shares her tutorial for a simple Passport Wallet that will hold all of your paperwork. […]

Tute Tuesday: Unibloomers

Searching for an outfit that is both functional and cool this summer? An outfit that goes from garden to grocery store? Look no further than Unibloomers from Craftster member Ludi. You don’t need a lot of fancy fabric for these bloomers. You just need an old sheet! Yep, one old sheet and just a few […]

Tute Tuesday: DIY Rubber Stamp

Recently I went on vacation to California and introduced my friends to letterboxing. What is letterboxing? It involves clues, hidden places and rubber stamps. We decided that we wanted to create our own and found LimeRiot’s tutorial for a Rubber Stamp. This tute easy to follow, inexpensive and doesn’t require fancy tools. Rubbers stamps are […]

Tute Tuesday: Candy Wrapper Bracelet

The school year is coming to an end and you are looking for a fun craft to keep the kids occupied on a summer day. Why not try your hand at crafting a Candy Wrapper Bracelet. Rckfella shares her tutorial that is packed with pictures and easy to follow. They are simple to make and […]

Tute Tuesday: Wrap Skirt

Let’s hear it for warm weather. It is about time! The sun has finally decided to show its beautiful face! Add a little color and sunshine to your wardrobe with Cmarion3’s tutorial for a Wrap Skirt. The pattern is easy to follow and does not require master seamstress skills. It is the perfect skirt for […]

Tute Tuesday: Simple Pop-Up Card

Did you know that your mom keeps all the cards you have given her throughout the years? I bet if you ask her right now she will pull out a shoe box that is full of wonderful mementos. Her favorite gifts and cards are the ones that you made for her. Keep up that crafting […]

Tute Tuesday: Hogwarts Scratch Cards

Have a chore that needs to be done? Maybe a party that is coming up? What about ideas for date night? Make daily activities fun with Hogwarts Scratch Cards from Craftster member Patty-o_Furniture. While her cards are specific for Harry Potter, yours can be any image you like such as unicorns, hearts, or rainbows. Scratch […]

Tute Tuesday: Scrappy Hearts

There is no better time than right now to tell that special person you have a crush on them. What are you waiting for? A tutorial? Cmarion3 has you covered with her Scrappy Heart tutorial. This craft is perfect for stash busting those little scraps of fabric you have left over from past projects. No […]

Tute Tuesday: Postage Stamp Cards

Postage stamps are like mini works of art. They represent every aspect of life from pop culture to beautiful destinations. If you are like me, you love saving the this little slips of paper in hopes that you will use them in a craft project one day. Phizzychick’s tutorial for Postage Stamp Cards is a […]

Tute Tuesday: Patchwork Drawstring Bag

It’s time to say goodbye to snowy winter and hello to sunny spring. Put away those scarves and pull out those flip-flops. Grab your favorite on the go craft, a towel, those fabulous pair of shades because we are heading outside to the park. Carry your goodies around in your one of a kind Patchwork […]

Tute Tuesday: Treat Pouches

There are so many little ways to say, “I love you.” Shower your favorite person with messages and treasures in adorable Treat Pouches from the most awesome Craftster member craftylittlemonkey. These pouches can be used for any holiday or occasion. You can fill them up with candies, affirmations or little crafty trinkets. They are a […]