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Tute Tuesday: 2 Shirt Scarf

How is the weather in your neck of the woods? If it is anything like mine; it is freezing one minute, hot the next. You might get a nice spring rain or four inches of snow. No matter what the weather has in store for you, Craftster member Camilla Taylor has you covered with her […]

Tute Tuesday: Reverse Applique

Want to take that worn out shirt from drab to fab in a few simple steps? Why not check out ClonedBravo’s tutorial for a Reverse Applique that will spruce up any piece of old clothing. You can craft one of kind pieces of clothing by using a pre-made or hand-drawn stencil and a few simple […]

Tute Tuesday: Fabric Headband

There are some days when styling your hair just isn’t going to happen. You have better things to do with you time than standing in front of a mirror teasing your hair to the highest point. Save time and hairspray with a Fabric Headband. Mclied shares their tutorial for a quick and easy Fabric Headband […]

Tute Tuesday: Ribbon Scarf

We are reaching that time of year where it is starting to warm up but still a little chilly. The weather is cramping our style! Look fashionable and have an extra layer of clothing with tinafish’s tutorial for a Ribbon Scarf. This project is excellent for stash busting. You can use scraps of fabric or […]

Tute Tuesday: Box of Chocolates Wreath

Did you just do a double take when looking at the fabulous Box of Chocolates Wreath? Don’t be fooled! It is one hundred percent fake! Craftster member patty-o-furniture created this easy tutorial for a Valentine’s wreath that looks sweet enough to eat. The candy pieces of this project are made with styrofoam which allows it […]

Tute Tuesday: Polymer Clay Marbled Ring Dish

Looking for an inexpensive way to stay organized and have stylish decor at the same time? Why not check out hillcitybride’s tutorial for a Polymer Clay Marbled Ring Dish. Does blending polymer clay make you nervous? Are you afraid it is going to end up as one weird colored clump of clay? Don’t stress about […]

Tute Tuesday: Party Animal Pet Portrait

Pets are the best. They love us unconditionally. They are always happy to see us and never judge our taste in music. Isn’t it about time that you showed your favorite fuzzy buddy how much you love them with their very own portrait? Rackycoo shares her tutorial for a Party Animal Pet Portrait that will […]

Tute Tuesday: Art Doll

Are you looking for a new way to show off your artistic side? Craftster member WingsofClay shares her tutorial for Art Dolls that will allow you to take your talents to the next level. These beauties are perfect for showing off art in a whimsical way. Create dolls in any form you wish. They do […]

Tute Tuesday: Altered Journal Page

It seems that everywhere you look you will see ways to “improve” your art journal. Improve? You don’t need improvement! You need inspiration! Craftster member Nooo has created this fun Altered Journal Page meant to remind you to relax and inspire your inner creative monster just waiting to jump out. This tutorial will show you […]

Meatless Monday: Vegetarian Pasta Sauce

Old man winter is kicking our butts! Who invited him to the party? Are you trapped inside, waiting for the snow and ice to melt? If you are, you might as well have a good meal. Craftster member prettyfred’s recipe for Vegetarian Pasta Sauce will warm you up. You can use it on a variety […]

Tute Tuesday: Singlet Style Shopping Bag

It’s time to say goodbye to the paper or plastic bag debate. Instead of bringing those bags home, why not take a one of a kind tote with you. Whether you are grocery shopping on a Tuesday or thrifting on a Saturday, the Singlet Style Shopping Bag is perfect for all of your needs. Craftster […]

Tute Tuesday: Ceramic Planter from Money Bank

Is the cold weather getting you down? Brighten up winter with a few indoor plants. Succulents are the easiest plants to take care of and they will look fabulous in a fun planter. Craftster member teaandcraft shares her tutorial for taking an everyday money bank and turn it into a Ceramic Planter. This tutorial is […]

Tute Tuesday: Envelope Book

The holidays are winding down and it’s time to get back on budget. You can make staying on track a bit easier with A2JC4life‘s tutorial for an Envelope Book. You can customize the book with stickers for each budget category. It also makes an excellent coupon organizer. You can make a bigger book for monthly […]

Tute Tuesday: Pinecone Wreath

There is nothing more welcoming on a front door than a beautiful wreath. Celebrate the winter season in style with A Bit Crafty’s tutorial for a Pinecone Wreath. The mashup of natural elements with vibrant colors will be a pleasant sight on those grey days. If red and silver aren’t your favorite, you can spray […]

Tute Tuesday: Holiday Lantern

It’s no illusion, by 4:00pm the sun has gone down. The days are getting shorter. Light up those long winter nights with Sweets4ever’s tutorial for Holiday Lanterns. Using recycled products like soup cans and old cards, you can create beautiful and unique luminaries. Light up a pathway for Santa to find his way to your […]