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Meatless Monday: Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce

How many of you binge watch TV shows? It’s okay, I won’t judge you. We won’t talk about my Murder She Wrote binge weekend. While you are catching up on your favorite program, you need a tasty treat that keeps you satisfied and helps you stay full for all seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars. […]

Meatless Monday: Dairy Free Coconut Watermelon Ice Cream

Whew! Baby! It is H-O-T! This girl needs to be cooled off. My good friend and awesome Craftster member, MareMare shares her recipe for a big bowl of frozen yum, also known as, Dairy Free Coconut Watermelon Ice Cream. This dish is so easy to make and if watermelon isn’t your thing, you can use […]

Meatless Monday: Watermelon Shark

Are you ready for your July 4th picnic? What about shark week? Why not tackle both special occasions with a Watermelon Shark! Sweets4ever shows off her carving skills, with the help of Craftster’s Quickies, to create a fun centerpiece that you can eat. Kids of all ages will love this tasty colorful treat. If sharks […]

Meatless Monday: Quinoa Stuffed Onions

Anyone can add a little stuffing to a bell pepper but for extra flavor, onions are where it’s at. Craftster member HSG shares her recipe for Quinoa Stuffed Onions that is a new taste to an old recipe. The sweetness of the onion compliments the quiona without overpowering. You can cook up a large batch […]

Meatless Monday: Mojito Fruit Salad

Hey friend! Who is ready to join me in the backyard for some sunshine and a little snack? Kick off your flip flops and grab a seat while I make you my delicious Mojito Fruit Salad. You can make this salad in the morning and, because of the lime juice, it will last for days […]

Meatless Monday: Eccentric Hummus

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and your stomach is yelling at you. “FEED ME,” it says. Sure you could go to the vending machine down the hall but a bag of chips won’t satisfy your hunger. You need something with substance, something with taste. Craftster member Kala hears your plea and shares with you her […]

Meatless Monday: Refrigerator Pickled Veggies

Do you have a garden? What kind of veggies do you like to plant? Growing your own food is so much fun for kids of all ages. There is one question that always comes up when having a garden; what do you do with all the vegetables you grow. Why you pickle them, of course! […]

Meatless Monday: Summer Salads

Hello summer! You are looking mighty fine! I am so happy to shake off my winter layer of clothes and dance around the park in shorts and a t-shirt. To celebrate the return of the sun I think I will have a picnic with my best friends. Instead of heavy food, we will need a […]

Meatless Monday: Croissant Bread Pudding

Looking for a light and tasty treat for your next outdoor gathering? Why not try something different with Craftster member Amazon Warrior’s recipe for Croissant Bread Pudding. This tasty treat can be served with fresh berries or a side of ice cream. The croissants help make this pudding lighter than usual so it is perfect […]

Meatless Monday: Soy Burgers

Let’s hear it for summertime! Yahoo!!!!! Dust off that BBQ, invite some friends over and get to grilling! Craftster member thesunandtheturtle has a recipe for Soy Burgers that is perfect for a backyard grilling extravaganza. This recipe is for the basic burger, but we all know that you are going to add some spice to […]

Meatless Monday: Fennel, Pear and Dill Slaw

Raise your hand if you are ready for some fun in the sun. Time to go outdoors and celebrate the spring season. Craftster member Craftylittlemonkey shares her recipe for Fennel, Pear and Dill Slaw that will surely be the hit at your next cookout or picnic. This recipe is so easy yet so tasty. It […]

Meatless Monday: Vegan Banh Mi

Another boring peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch? Not today, my friend! You are in for a tasty international treat! Craftster member Applesweet shares their recipe for Vegan Banh Mi sandwiches. These little beauties are easy to make and full of flavor. This dish is also great as a side salad for a full […]

Meatless Monday: Spicy Tempeh Salad on Toast

Tired of the same boring lunch day after day? Why not spice it up with Kala’s recipe for Spicy Tempeh Salad on Toast. This tasty treat is a perfect alternative to egg salad. It is packed full of flavor! Make it the night before and save yourself a little time in the morning. You can […]

Meatless Monday: Vegetable Lasagna

Wanna know what’s good? Cheese and veggies swimming around together in a deep dish of tomato sauce. It really doesn’t get any better. Craftster member Spaceradish agrees with me. Their recipe for Vegetable Lasagna is over the top tasty. This colorful dish uses fresh veggies like peppers, spinach, mushrooms and a variety of squash. Why […]

Meatless Monday: Salsa Verde

Sometimes you need a little snack to help you get through the day. Instead of plugging the vending machine with quarters, why not enjoy homemade Salsa Verde and Chips! Craftewoman shares her recipe for Salsa Verde that is made with fresh ingredients and can be eaten as a snack or added as a topping for […]