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Manic Monday: Scrappy Square Quilt Top

This quilt is already epic and it’s not even done yet! The quilt top was made by KatherineEmma in an effort to use up all of her fabric scraps. The tiny pieces, the sheer size of the top (roughly 8 feet by 6 feet!), the math involved in getting those tiny squares to all fit […]

Manic Monday: Gypsy Dia De Los Muertos Embroidery

A day and a half of stitching can give you this gorgeous piece of embroidery. BeatnikChick took a tattoo design and transformed it into this 8 inch by 5 inch piece in 38 and a half hours! Even the back is nice and tidy!! You can see the full thread here:

Manic Monday: Handmade Log Cabin Quilt

So the title of the blog post might seem a bit strange. This is Craftster, after all; isn’t everything made by hand? Well, yes and no. In regards to quilting there’s a difference between hand piecing, hand quilting, and binding by hand versus the use of a machine. The big issue here? Time. Making a […]

Manic Monday: Classic Crocheted Bedspread

So for a lot of people it was the first day back to the grind after the holiday season. I don’t know about you but I’ve definitely had my own manic monday trying to get everything back on track! (Hence the blog post at 9:30pm…) I know I just featured another white crochet blanket two […]

Manic Monday: Street Art Inspired Mosaic

vixenmeowmeow created this stunning mosaic which was inspired by a bunch of street art she’s seen including the fabulous street artist Banksy. Unbelievably gorgeous and undoubtedly worth the time it took! You can see the full details of this project here:

Manic Monday: Crocheted Baby Blanket

Mamaedgar made this gorgeous baby blanket for friend’s baby. It took a little longer than expected… The baby got it when she was 9 months old! When you hear that the blanket is comprised of 52 separate hexagons, each of which took 25 minutes just to make, let alone connecting them and then weaving in […]

Manic Monday: Stained glass embroidery

Mania has no expiration date! This post from 2005 is totally a perfect fit for Manic Monday. Jenmkat had only been embroidering for a few months at the time and it still only took her 3 weeks! I wonder if she slept… You can see the full details of this project here:

Manic Monday: Elephant picture from paint chips

This little picture is adorable! It’s basically a mosaic made out of paint chips. It is 11″x17″ and LittleGirl describes its creation as “painstakingly tedious”. All you need to create your own is cardstock, a gluestick, paint samples, and patience! You can see the full details of this project here:

Manic Monday: 3-D Apple Quilt

Calliel created this piece for her senior BFA exhibition. She doesn’t have specific details on how long this particular piece took but considering that it is an intricate quilt hung over a hand made frame with a wire armature for the hand sewn branch that holds an apple that she had to create at least […]

Manic Monday: Twilight Cross-stitch

Twilight Fever has hit everywhere and with fans this devoted it was only a matter of time before a Twilight craft ended up on Manic Monday! Shaebay says she worked on this 8×12 cross-stitch piece “on and off for 2 months (mostly off).” It has 25 colors and 24,320 stitches! You can see the full […]

Manic Monday: Bead Portraits

You may or may not know that I have LOTS of fuse bead experience. As much as I’ve organized TONS of beads onto little peg boards I’ve never been anywhere close to making something this great! A life-like portrait out of beads?! Awesome! Futzz created these great portraits of herself and her loved ones out […]

Manic Monday: Cross-stitched Mario World

This has to be one of my favorite projects on Craftster. An entire Mario world in cross-stitch! Cross stitch ninja made 50,000 stitches over the course of 4 months to make this Mario screen replica! You can see the full details of this project here:

Manic Monday: Embroidered and Tatted Pillow

Now you may not think this little pillow looks like much. In fact you may have glossed over it in the forums. But when you read how much of this was made by hand, you may take a second look! That lacey edging around the pillow looks like purchased trim. No big deal, right? Well, […]

Manic Monday: Scrappy Quilt Top

It took KatherineEmma four months and tons of scrap to complete just the TOP of what will be a completed scrap quilt. It’s so big her machine wouldn’t be able to do the actual quilting! Her goal was to get rid of all those scraps that were just hanging around. I’m not sure if she […]

Manic Monday: Origami Stars Banner

Sarcastra must have a lot of good luck. Look at all of the lucky stars she’s made! She used them to make a banner for her blog (by making the banner by hand and taking a picture of it). She ended up using 1120 stars but that’s actually just a portion of the total number […]