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@Home This Weekend: Furniture Facelift

This weekend, give your studio some new life with color! steiconi gave her wicker chest a sexy new color, and added fabrics and tassels around the room to compliment it. Visit her post to see all the great new look!

@Home This Weekend: Wooden Spoons

This weekend, try a new hobby and carve a unique wooden spoon. You may have never carved anything before, but like pinokeeo claims, “You cannot master what you will not try”. Go for it!

@Home This Weekend: Fabric Boxes

This weekend, make good on your 2019 resolution to organize. You can start by making some great fabric boxes using a tutorial by whatzudoin. What a beautiful method of storage!

@Home This Weekend: Quick and Pretty Curtains

@Home This Weekend: Sign of the Times

This weekend, make some fun signs for your house. NH822 used fun sayings to make a sign for each of her kids. It’s so easy to personalize these signs for any one or any occasion. Chalkboard pens are fun and forgiving, as you can erase your mistakes.

@Home This Weekend, DIY Kitchen Island

This weekend, create a kitchen island out of an old cabinet. appledainty painted and papered this cabinet, and then used some clever ideas to maximize storage. Check it out!

@Home This Weekend: Bowl Cozies

This weekend, make a few bowl cozies and remove your hot bowl from the microwave without burning your hands. craftADDchick used such fun colors for her cozies; it makes me want to go heat up some soup!

@Home This Weekend: PLAY

This weekend, create a fun sign with and for your kids. Eliea used crayons, art supplies, puzzle pieces and toy cars to create this fun wall art. Go ahead, PLAY!

@Home: Tea Cozies!

This weekend, make an awesome tea cozy like this warm little owl. craftylittlemonkey hosted a “Crafternoon” group of friends, and everyone made the cutest cozies! craftylittlemonkey was nice enough to include a tutorial in her post. It’s so easy to customize them to suit your style.

@Home This Weekend: Cork Board

This weekend, make good use of all those wine corks you have left over from the holiday season and make a fun cork board. yzzilnoaj attached her corks standing upright, and filled the gaps with colorful beads for a fun new look. A bright turquoise frame sets everything off. Pin it up!  

@Home This Weekend: Sailor Dog!

This weekend, whip up a cute sailor outfit for your four legged friend. TheMistressT drafted a pattern from a coat her dog already owned, and then added a jaunty sailor’s collar. Ahoy!

@Home This Weekend: Remote Caddy

This weekend, check out this tutorial by HorrorCraft and make your favorite binge watcher a remote caddy for their preferred chair. So easy to personalize with special fabrics. What a perfect gift for the holiday season!

@Home This Weekend: Hanging Shoe Caddy

This weekend, whip up a shoe caddy and get those shoes off the floor! chocolatebutton used a fun zebra print for hers. Sure, you could purchase one of these at the store, but they’ll never look as good as if you make your own.

@Home This Weekend: Pretty Hanger Covers

This weekend, protect your favorite clothing with hanger covers. Using vintage embroidered pillowcases, TheMistressT made some lovely covers that will add some class to any closet. So clever!

@Home This Weekend: Hot Dish Towels

This weekend, applique some burly fellas to your dish towels, and heat up your kitchen without even using your stove. TheMistressT seems to have a way with men; she simply machine stitched these hotties onto purchased dish towels. Whew, they’re almost too hot to handle!