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Halloween Houses (Haunted, of course!)

While I absolutely hate going to see haunted houses at Halloween (too scary for me!), I love a miniature haunted house. They are adorably spooky and they’re really fun to make. Here are some ultra eerie abodes that pack a lot of creepy into small packages. Here’s a tiny spooky party in a tiny spooky […]

Craft Challenge #125 Announced – DIY Halloween Costumes!

Craft Challenge #125 – DIY Halloween Costumes 2018, has been announced! Your challenge this month is to show off your handmade Halloween costume!! Entries are due November 1 – 8, 2018. Read all of the challenge details here. 😀

Craft Challenge #121: DIY Halloween Costume Winner

This month’s Craft Challenge was our Annual Halloween Costume Challenge! The challenge happens every year and is one of our most popular. The costume could have been for anyone, but it had to have handmade components to it. It also had to be a costume made for Halloween 2017. Our winning entry was created by […]

Tute Tuesday: Mini Top Hat

Do you feel the need to get a little fancy? Want to dress up that boring outfit? Why not add some sass to your look with a Mini Top Hat. Craftster member DestinyA shares her tutorial for this delightful hat that is surprisingly easy to make and takes very little time. If you are feeling […]

Tute Tuesday: Felt Owl Costume

Dressing up the little ones for Halloween can be a bit of a challenge. You want them to stay warm, but they want to look cool (or cute, or scary). Craftser member Manda2142 shares her tutorial for a Felt Owl Costume that will make both parents and kiddos happy. This costume is easy to create […]

Handmade Gift Idea: Star Book

Rackycoo can make you a star…okay, so that’s not entirely true. She can’t make you shine but, she can show you how to make this clever Star Book. This gift is an excellent way to showcase memories or your own artwork. Your friend or family member will smoother you with kisses and you will be […]

Handmade Gift Ideas: Mustache Beer Markers

Don’t be that person who goes to the annual holiday party empty handed. Stitch up these awesome Mustache Beer Markers by jillybeans and not only will you have a great present for the hostess but you also won’t lose your beverage. It’s a win-win situation! This is just one of many handmade gift ideas that […]

Zombie Makeup and Halloween Costume Ideas

We can’t seem to escape zombies. They’re everywhere… on the big screen, in games, and recently even protesting against corporate greed in New York City for Occupy Wall Street. With Halloween quickly approaching (yay!), whip out the liquid latex, mix up some fake blood, and take a peek at these featured zombies courtesy of Craftster […]

Halloween Parties, Décor, and Costumes for Adults, Children, and Pets

It’s Halloween season! It’s time to decorate our homes, plan spooky parties and craft costumes for the whole family! Check out these festive ideas to get you started this month and stop by the Halloween Board for even more! Candy Corn Pudding This simple and colorful treat will make any Halloween tablescape festive this season. […]

Glee Cheerios Uniform from Season 2 Halloween Costume

lenalove crafted the Glee Cheerios Uniform from Season 2 as a super gleeky Halloween costume. She designed the uniform using an altered Simplicity pattern for a cheerleader costume. Crafting the logo with Photoshop, and studying the Glee promotions for other styling direction, lenalove really captured the gleek spirit. If you want to make this costume […]

Design Fake Tattoos and Body Art for Your Halloween Costume

Would a custom fake tattoo or body art on your arms or legs take your Halloween Costume to the next level? Here are four tutorials to show you a few easy techniques to get the look you want! How to Make a Detailed Tattoo from an Image To our delight, mirrorandmoon recently posted this awesome […]

Nyan Cat Halloween Costume

Looking for an epic Halloween costume to wear to this year’s Halloween parties? How about going as the Nyan Cat?! Recently, Craftster member shdwstrm entered a costume contest at the Toronto FanExpo 2011 in Canada, presented by G4. She went adorned in her handmade Nyan Cat costume, and walked on all fours across the stage […]

DIY Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Jewelry and Accessories

Lady Gaga and her over-the-top fashion is the perfect subject for a Halloween costume!  Have no fear – you don’t have to cover yourself in meat to achieve this pop star’s extreme look.  Disco balls, lace and chains will do just fine as jewelry and fashion accessories! Lady Gaga Halloween costume jewelry and accessories Chain […]

The Scarecrow Costume from Batman Arkham Asylum

Since our very own jungrrl is prepping (and sewing!) for her appearance on the new TV show airing on PBS, called Sew it All, I’m happy to take over for our featured video game project of the week! In the spirit of Halloween, this week we’re highlighting a Scarecrow villain costume taken straight from the […]

Halloween Costume Idea – Ten Dollar Costume “The Ring”

Creative thoughts from Craftster Guest Blogger MareMare…  Ok, I confess, the movie “The Ring” scared me. Creepy little kids are, well, creepy. If you saw this little cutie, I bet you would want to run, too! The best part about this Samara costume, aside from the super creepy factor, is that it was made on […]