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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Brigaderios

There is one thing to remember during the gift giving season and that is you can never go wrong with chocolate. I don’t care what kind of diet you are on, during the holidays, calories don’t count. Musicalcrafts share their recipe for Brigaderios that will your tickle your sweet tooth. You can roll them into […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide: Retro Owl Sunglasses Case

Everyone knows sunglasses make you look super cool. Whether you spent one dollar at the gas station, or five hundred at Macy’s; your shades make you feel super chic. Protecting that purchase is important. Peptogirl totally gets it with her tutorial for this Retro Owl Sunglasses Case. It is bright, cheerful and fun. How great […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Sharpie Tie Dye Shirt

Do you want to try a new craft and knock out a couple holiday gifts at the same time? Why not try I Sew Cute’s tutorial for a Sharpie Tie Dye Shirt. This is a great project for kids of any ages. The designs can be anything your imagination can think up! Invite a few […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Towel Topper

There are so many kitchen gadgets out there it can be a bit overwhelming as to what to get your favorite foodie. Why not go old school with a simple, but much needed, Towel Topper. Dfabbric shares their tutorial for this kitchen towel that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This project is perfect for […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Sandwich Wrap

It may not be picnic weather, but who cares! Plan a holiday tea party picnic inside with your besties. Mistress Jennie wants your sandwiches to be wrapped up in a fancy package. Using her tutorial for Sandwich Wraps, your food will be on beautiful display before it is out of the wrapper. This project is […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Tea Wallet

A cup of tea is good any time of the day. Whether it is refreshing green tea, a robust rooibos or an earthy oolong; everyone has their favorite. Now your friends can carry their tea with them thanks to MissingWillow’s tutorial for a Tea Wallet. This little caddy is great for the traveler in your […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Endless ATC

The best thing about handmade holiday gifts is the fact that you are giving a little bit of yourself to someone. ATC’s are a perfect example of that. They are little works of art that can be displayed in wide variety of ways. Xxmazenxx shares a new take on this paper craft with their tutorial […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: SLIME

A few days ago I overheard a man in the grocery line saying that if his daughter asked for slime one more time he would scream. “Enough with the slime,” he shouted. Of course I couldn’t resist letting him know that slime is super easy to make and also makes a great inexpensive gift. I […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Crochet Hook Needle Roll

We all have friends and family that are disorganized. If you see a mess, you know they are around. They are the pigpens of the craft world. Help those people get organized with Pottermouth’s tutorial for a Crochet Hook Needle Roll. You don’t have to stick to just crochet needles. These rolls can hold paint […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Large Derby Bag

Luggage is usually a gift that I stay far away from. It’s just not exciting. Functional…yes,exciting…no. Craftster member amarock has created a tutorial for a Large Derby Bag that changed my mind about boring everyday luggage. This Derby Bag doesn’t have to be used just for roller derby. It can be used for any sport […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Gemstone Candles

Do you have a friend who is addicted to home decorating shows? Not sure what to make them this gift giving season? Brighten up someone’s life with Gemstone Candles. Craftster member DaBunny shares her tutorial for this illuminating decor that will look beautiful as a centerpiece for a holiday table. You can make Gemstone Candles […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Pygmy Puff

We all need a friend. Someone who will listen to us and keep us company on cold winter nights. Take a page out of Pottermouth’s book on making friends with her tutorial for a Pygmy Puff. These adorable little fluff balls are the perfect companion. They don’t shed, take up very little space and above […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Double Looped Dog Tug Toy

This holiday season don’t forget your fuzzy best friend. No, I’m not talking about Kevin in Accounting. I’m talking about your favorite four legged buddy. Surprise them with their very own Double Looped Dog Tug Toy. Smeddley shares her tutorial for a strong dog toy that can be made for pups of all sizes. Earn […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Harry Potter Coffee Cozy

Do you have a Harry Potter fan in your life? Why not make their holiday a little brighter with this Harry Potter Coffee Cozy. Craftster member bethntim share their tutorial for this fun beverage accessory that will delight your favorite muggle. If you want to learn to crochet, this project is a great way to […]

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Christmas Diorama in a Faux Vintage Box

It’s time to kick off the annual Handmade Holiday Gift Guide and there is no better way to celebrate this year’s gift giving than with a fun and festive Christmas Diorama in a Faux Vintage Box from extraordinary Craftster member Rackycoo. This diorama is perfect for those who love the vintage look of the holiday […]