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Green Thumb Thursday: How to Make an Upside Down Tomato Planter

This week on Green Thumb Thursday we have a DIY upside tomato planter by Girlinsoop. Not only is this project recycled, it looks much cuter that the “as seen on TV” version. Girlinsoop was kind enough to share a tutorial so that you can make your own! Thanks so much, Girlinsoop! Enjoy!

Green Thumb Thursday: Beekeeping

For this week’s Green Thumb Thursday, I want to share a really amazing post by acidtrix describing her adventures in beekeeping! She includes a great description, and photos of the honey harvesting process. It’s quite remarkable and inspiring!

Green Thumb Thursday: Parking Lot Container Garden

This week’s Green Thumb Thursday showcases the ingenuity that is a Craftster hallmark. Many of us are renters, condo-dwellers, and otherwise yardless. For some that’s just fine, but for some of us, even though we are urban residents, we still have a small inner farmer dying to break free. When ErinTheRed was faced with the […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Hanging Bundt Pan Herb Pot

Welcome to Green Thumb Thursday, where we present gardening and house plant tips and ideas for your inspiration. To kick off this new feature, we have an ingenious idea from mlheran – the hanging bundt pan herb pot! These are thrifty, easy, and gorgeous! Most thrift stores have old bundt pans, and they are often […]