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Green Thumb Thursday: Great Garden Challenge

Hey gardeners! Make sure you snap some pictures of your beautiful gardens and yummy crops! The Home Sweet Home category is hosting a Great Garden Challenge. Enter your garden by August 13. You can see all the information here: You can see more great crafts by browsing Exterior Decorating / Yard Art / Gardening […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Zetti Inspired Raised Garden Bed

lvl0rg4n and her mom have a amazing landlord. They don’t mind that they added raised garden beds, not even brighty colored, zetti-inspired ones! I already love going out to my own garden but I think this fun paint would make me love it even more. You can see the full thread here: You can […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Ceramic Plant Markers

I love this idea! Selenium as created plant markers out of painted ceramic tiles! They’ll last for years and will be easy to clean off for winter storage. You can see the full thread here: You can also view our own Craftster Quickies video for a full tutorial on how to make your own! […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Seed Bombs

Want to inject some color into that empty field or abandoned lot you pass by every day? With some newspaper, water, and wildflower seeds you can make these awesome seed bombs and go guerilla gardening! You can see the full thread here: You can see more great crafts by browsing Exterior Decorating / Yard […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Revamped, reconstructed and recycled craft projects for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, our Friends of Craftster dug up some of their favorite revamped, reconstructed and otherwise recycled projects on Craftster. Enjoy and have a Happy Earth Day! Spoon Pendants by glitterkick  craftylittlemonkey writes, “These are absolutely gorgeous and combine so many things that I love, neat old thrift store spoons and random […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are all the rage nowadays!  Digging around the Craftster community, we uncovered some cool ways members are fashioning recycled and reclaimed materials, they have at home, into reusable shopping bags.  Check out how to turn your old tee-shirts, skirts, cat food bags, tea towels, plastic bags, reclaimed fabric and army uniforms into […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Zombie Flamingo

As Halloween approaches you may notice your normally happy pink yard flamingos looking a little more sinister. Perhaps your garden gnome seems a little more nervous than usual? Your kissing Dutch kids are looking over their shoulders? Yes, you may have a dreaded….ZOMBIE FLAMINGO!! A little paint is all it takes to warn the neighbors […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Recycled Container Garden

This week on Green Thumb Thursday we have an awesome recycled container garden from unschoolme, using various household items to make a colorful kitchen container garden. Food containers such as cans, plastic containers, and even stong pouches can all escape the landfill to become perfect containers for herbs and other small plants. Thanks, unschoolme, for […]

Green Thumb Thursday: A Revamped Garden Bench

It’s hard to believe this cheery yellow bench from Blue_skiesMN was once a dreary, unloved garden bench. With a fresh coat of colorful paint and some pretty new cushions, it went from drab and ignored to a real focal point for a sunny garden or porch. Thrift stores, garage sales, and Craigslist are chock full […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Gazebo Shade Panels

Clever Craftster miezimau had a mesh gazebo that kept out the bugs, but didn’t always provide enough shade for hot, sunny days. Being a crafty type, she made her own shade panels that roll up for the view, and down to keep the rays out. She even added a pretty (and practical) print border. Great […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Gnome Garden

How sweet is this Gnome Garden, with it’s tiny plants and itty-bitty house? Just because you have a gnome sized garden, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fairy-tale pretty! sew_DIYlicious shows off her adorable gnome garden on the Home Sweet Home board. Let her inspire you with this lovely little gnome home! Thanks, sew_DIYlicious, for […]

Green Thumb Thursday: How to Make Chalkmark Seed Starter Pots

Starting plants from seed is the most economical way to grow a garden, and potentially the most rewarding. Watching a tiny seed become a delicate seedling and eventually a strong and thriving plant almost seems like a miracle, and really connects you with the process of growth and life. But, seedlings can be very delicate, […]

Green Thumb Thursday: Extreme Birdhouses

I wish I was a bird. OK, I am glad to be human, but who wouldn’t want to live in this amazing 17 room house with a rooftop pool, built by Cranbrook2? These are some lucky birds! They are even eco-friendly, being made from reclaimed barn wood. Gorgeous AND recycled, now that’s what I call […]

Green Thumb Thursday: How to Make a Mail Box Tool Box

This ingenious idea was posted by rubytue and I love it! It’s so simple yet brilliant, the kind of idea that makes you think “why didn’t I think of that?”. “Plant” an adorable decorated mailbox in an accessible area in your garden to keep garden tools and supplies close at hand, but safe from the […]

Green Thumb Thursday: How to Make an Earth Box

It’s hard to believe that AeonGoddess got all this lush green veggie goodness out of a plastic box on an all-concrete New York City lot, but she did! Want to know how she did it? Check out her awesome post and make your own Earth Box! If you live in the concrete jungle or are […]