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Free To Be Crafty: An Adorable Crocheted Helicopter

Who can resist an cheerful inanimate object with a happy smile? Not me! This little helicopter, inspired by the TV show M*A*S*H*, is adorable. It would also be sweet hooked in bright colors for a child’s room. Kjlutz very kindly shared the pattern so you can make one, too. Thanks Kjlutz! It’s so cute! Click […]

Free To Be Crafty: How To Crochet A Star Stuffy – Free Pattern!

This adorable star stuffy would make a great holiday gift or decoration. Maker April Draven very generously shared the pattern so that you can make your own. Click here for the free pattern. Have a twinkly holiday! Thanks to April Draven, for another awesome pattern! You rock!

Free to Be Crafty: How to Crochet a Yo-Yo

Not only are these Yo-Yos adorable, but the post also includes an adorable cartoon story of how Craftster member WooWork was inspired to make them. WooWork also includes a free pattern so you can make your own Yo-Yo! To see the post and the pattern click here. Thanks WooWork for giving us a smile as […]

Free to Be Crafty: Free Pattern to Make a Sweet Weiner Dog Scarf

How adorable is this scarf? I am in love! Don’t you want one? Lucky you, randomheartsx provided the free pattern, so you can crochet one for yourself (and one for me – pretty please?). Click here for the pattern. This adorable weiner puppy will keep your neck warm and give you (and everyone who sees […]

Free to Be Crafty: Sasquatch! Agh!

Who wouldn’t love this sasquatch? From his face to his cute little bellybutton, he is a sasquatch to be hugged. Averyg created this beauty, inspired by her love of cryptozoology, and the cryptozoology swap. She was very generous in sharing her pattern on Craftster, and now you can make one, too! It would be a […]

Free to Be Crafty: A Fun Mini Fauxhawk Hat

This week on Free to Be Crafty we have an adorable fauxhawk hat for the little ones. This hilarious hat will keep your favorite kid’s head warm and stylin’ while cracking up any adults that he or she encounters. This could be done in any combination of colors, for a variety of effects. Click here […]

Free to Be Crafty: How to Crochet a Sweater for Your Pup

This week on Free to Be Crafty, DIY Sara shares her pattern for this utterly darling dog sweater. If your pooch gets a little chilly on those early walks, here’s a stylish solution! For more details please click here. Thank you, DIY Sara, for writing up this pattern for us! Woof!

Free to Be Crafty: How to Knit Sunshine Socks

I have had about enough of rain here these last few days, so my face just lit up when I saw these Sunshine Socks. Ironik made them with yarn leftover from another project, and they are just gorgeous. She also very generously shared the pattern with us, so you can make some, too! Thanks so […]

Free to Be Crafty: How to Knit a Slouchy Hat

We just love this slouchy mermaid hat by how_German. It’s a cozy shape that looks like it wouldn’t cause a terrible case of hat hair, and the scale-like design is pretty and unusual. We can picture this in so many color combinations! For all you knitters, it’s your lucky day: how_German has very generously shared […]

Free to Be Crafty: How to Knit a Sweater with Cabled Wings

This beautiful sweater with wings is perfect for the holiday season. With its deep, elegant neckline it could be worn alone or layered, and the cabled wings add a very special touch that really make it unique. Our talented member,Canarysanctuary, designed this sweater as a way to learn to chart cables, and she very generously […]

Free to be Crafty: How to knit a Mario scarf!

If you love Mario and you want the world to know, is there any more awesome way than with this adorable Mario scarf? It would also make a great gift for the retro gamer in your life! Peeloutyourface designed this amazing scarf, and was kind enough to share her charts with us so you can […]

Free to Be Crafty: How to Make an Alien Face Hugger! Aaagh!!

Hands up if the movie Alien scared the *&^% out of you as a kid. OK, it’s going to be hard to type this with my hands in the air, but I remember just about jumping out of my skin when my Grandma took me to see this (side note: I had an awesome Grandma). […]

Free to be Crafty: How to Make a Cabled Knit Headband (free pattern)

This lovely cabled headband/earwarmer is a cabletastic twist on the popular calorimetry pattern from Knitty. The original has been popular since winter 2006 and it’s still going strong. If you are ready for a change, try this cabled version to bring some new life to your cold weather knits! Thanks, Natalex, for sharing your pattern!!

Free to Be Crafty: How to Knit a Slouchy, Stripey Hat

This adorable slouchy hat with its fun stripes is perfect for cooler weather. It would look great in literally hundreds (thousands?) of possible color combos, and keep you in style no matter what you wear. Thank you *so* much to whiterabbit for generously providing the pattern for this sweet, sweet hat!

Free to Be Crafty: How to Make an Owl Handlebar Bag

This week’s free pattern is a knitting chart for this adorable owly handlebar bag. Spiff up your bike, or use it to make a pretty pillow, purse, or sweater! It was shared by he very talented Teriyakimoto. Thanks, Teriyakimoto, and Happy knitting!