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I bet you’re wondering what this is. Well, I’ll tell ya.

I can’t really make fun of IT if I don’t know what IT is…

Take a stab at it. What do you think this is supposed to be? Am I missing something, because nothing is coming to mind. It’s described as: This unique hand felted Cafetiere Coffee cosy is made with just merino wool, soap and water combined with time and energy! Hand felted and seamless it is made […]

New fangled flash drives bound to get some attention

Flash drives are important devices for protecting sensitive information or transporting your files, but nothing ever said Don’t be touching my important in-for-mash-ion! like this flash drive – um – cover does. You’re curious, aren’t you? DYING to know? The crafter was inspired by the cookie cutter they found on Boing Boing and decided that […]

Mah Frienz R Gonna Be Sew Dang Jelus

I love mah teef necklace, dontchu? See what I did there? Dontchu? Don’t chew? Thanks Kerrie! {source} Sam and Karen hail from none other than, where they prove on an almost daily basis that handmade isn’t always pretty. Craftastrophe was created by nothing more than a few innocent messenger chats where we shared some […]

Twilight Fans Recreate Bella’s Womb *gag*

I read the Twilight series.  Go team Jacob! (What can I say, Edward sounds like a dick, and Jacob is furry and warm.) Somebody in the world decided to recreate a felt version of Bella’s womb.  As if it should be detachable and separate from her body.

The fight to end all fights…

Got a roommate or a sibling who you’re constantly butting heads with? How about a significant other, or your spouse? Solve all your problems with a simple beat down a la penis. When I typically think of a c*ckfight this is not the image I conjure up. Not that I’m thinking of c*ckfights often. But, […]

Put Your “O” Face in Your Front Yard For The World to See!

Y’all know what the O Face is right? If not, here ya go, rookie: Okay, and y’all know what I mean when I talk about Tree Faces, right? If not, here ya go, rookie: Yeah. People actually buy these in country stores and put them on their trees. Apparently none of them ever hid in […]

Not for the squeamish ones. You asked for a warning, there it is.

Squeamish or not. These is something terribly wrong with this. The *art* of taxidermy really knows no bounds, does it? I don’t know, but I don’t think the crystal encrusted effects really anything to diminishing the horror. *shudder* {source} Sam and Karen hail from none other than, where they prove on an almost daily […]

Lawn Ornaments Are So Two Thousand and Late

Craigslist is a beautiful thing.  Need a sprinkler? From the listing: I built this guy last Friday & used him to water the lawn all day Saturday. People driving past, gawked at him like they had never seen a guy vomiting a steady stream of water all over the place. I put an ad to […]

Just Because You Can…

Does NOT mean you should.

My name is Octopussy.

What the WHAT!? I can’t stop staring at those eff’n eyes. They seriously skeeve me the frig out. I think I want this chandelier in the hallway outside my kids’ rooms. Yes. I said chandelier. Seriously. RAAAWWWWWWWR. GET BACK IN YER BED!!!! From the listing: This octopus chandelier is made from sculpted arms and head, […]

Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even These Mice

This? This is the ultimate Craftastrophe. At first glance, they look like some pretty innocent, though heavy-looking earrings. Upon closer inspection though, I find offense with the red beady eyes, the oddly coloured ears and the thought of those tails tickling my shoulders a la Squirrel Feet Earrings makes my back teeth hurt.


This one just makes me laugh. Manically. I am buying one and wearing it with my sexist* lingerie. Hmm… I wonder if she makes bacon ones? From the listing: A fun and whimsical broach that will add a unique flair to any outfit. Pannies Broaches are made from real fried eggs that are entirely encased […]

Hideous Hannah Has Lost Her Head

Hideous Hannah went down to Savannah, holding her head in her hands. She tried a bandana, tied around her neck-a, but her head kept rolling cross lands. (her nose looks like Michael Jackson’s did.) I kind of love this and think it would be perfect for Avitable’s Halloween party! {source} Sam and Karen hail from […]

I think I’ll stick to my boring old white tank, thanks.

Barbie herself would be pretty pleased with this Pretty in Pink version of the almighty girl-throne. At $2100, this lovely number isn’t cheap, but the only thing that keeps running through my mind is how in the heck would you clean all that grout? Call me a germ-a-phobe, but it just seems to me that […]