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Peekaru… I’m here to frighten you

The hysterical blog shares this probably-not-intended-to-be-creepy DIY baby carrier idea. Read all about it and watch a video about to make one of your own. You know you want to. via

Oh So Discrete

I love it when I find perfect fodder for the Crafts Gone Bad category! My hats off to Craftster member mmmfruit for being cheeky enough to whip up a cozy for a tampon. This reminds me of those ridiculous TV commercials where a “Oh No!” a tampon falls out of a girls purse. And then […]

Underwear from Neckties

Umm. OK. Here’s something I never would have thought to make out of old neckties… thong underwear. For women AND men. You’ve gotta click and see it for yourself. Before: After:

Clothe Your Naked Soap Containers

Are you neglecting your dish soap bottle? Allowing it to just sit there completely naked and humiliated? Now you can pick up your crochet hook and fix this travesty! (As always, crafts in the “Crafts Gone Bad” category have my utmost respect. …And secretly, my admiration!)

Scary Ski Mask

Oh how I love the Crafts Gone Bad category… I first saw these ski masks on Craftster thanks to craftster member Rosemary who found this page from an old knitting magazine: But craftster member betsyjean79was brave enough to try her hand at knitting one of them! And as if the ski mask itself wasn’t scary […]

Breakfast To Go

For the second installment of Crafts Gone Bad I bring you this tantalizing fried eggs and bacon get up. Thanks to Cult 45 Secondhand Bookshop for scanning this pattern in from a 1979 issue of the Jackie Annual. Come on… you know you want one for yourself!

Endless Possibilities for Barbie and Ken

While this is the kind of project that gives meaning to the terms “arts and craps,” aren’t you glad these kind of things exist? You’ve got to see the other patterns in Crochet Annie’s Fashion Doll Crochet Club and Crochet Annie’s Fashion Doll Plastic Canvas Club. The amount of work and ingenuity is something to […]