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How to Use Old Maps or Pretty Paper to Refinish Furniture

Sponsored Content How to Use Old Maps or Pretty Paper to Refinish Furniture By Katie McCaskey Do you wish to update some furniture in your home? This fun craft project “upcycles” furniture and other material in a budget- and eco-friendly way. When you’re finished, you’ll be rewarded with an original, “new to you” piece of […]

Introducing: Tophatter

Sponsored Content INTRODUCING TOPHATTER AND A FREE $10 GIFT “Live auctions for Craft Enthusiasts & Fashionistas!” We’ve just come across a fun (and free!) auction site called Tophatter. It’s basically a live auction house where sellers from all over the world auction off items in real time in a fun, interactive environment! There are live […]

Apply for Community Garden Grants and Makeovers with Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb

Recently, Fiskars (aka your favorite orange scissors and crafting tool supplier!) announced that its application process for 2012 Project Orange Thumb garden grants and makeovers in the U.S. and Canada is open NOW through December 5, 2011 at We wanted to share this news because, well, we love companies that support community gardens! Since […]

Must See Craft Events at the 2011 SXSW in Austin, TX

Event: The Sketchbook Tour ’11 as SXSW Date: Saturday, March 12 Time: 12 pm – 5 pm Location: Austin Museum of Art, located downtown at 823 Congress Avenue # 100 Austin, TX 78701 – (512) 477-0766 About the event: Browse the 26,000 sketchbooks from 100 countries in the touring library, including sketchbooks from our very […]

The New Muppets Movie is Jam-Packed with Funny

The interwebs are abuzz with Muppet movie news! Looks like Kermit and Miss Piggy have secured some of the funniest people in show business for the new Muppet movie coming out next year. Here are the recently announced cast members, who will be making cameos in the new Muppets movie… you may have heard of […]

Live Twitter Chat with Other Crafters Today 2 – 4 PM ET

Join Craftster and crew in the Craft Social event on Twitter right now! Craft Social’s topic of discussion today is Pricing Your Work. Dive right into the fun by tweeting your comments, and ending each with #craftsocial! 🙂 You can follow the whole convo here:

Crafty Music Video: Steriogram – Walkie Talkie Man

This is THE video I think of when I think of crafty music videos. It is EPIC! I’m sure many of you have seen it already but for those who haven’t I’m super excited to introduce it to you. Not only is is absolutely PACKED with yarn (and knitting, crochet, some sewing….) but the song […]

Crafty Music Videos: Guster – One Man Wrecking Machine

Ah plushie love…. and plushie destruction. This cute video by Guster features lots of adorable characters from Monster Factory. In particular, the plight of poor “Kevin” as he comes to grips with the world around him, you know, by removing all of it’s stuffing and recreating it! If the video itself isn’t enough, you can […]

Book Introduction: Scrubs & More

Sponsored Content When I thought of scrubs in the past, I thought of monotonous, shapeless clothes; that is until I looked at Scrubs & More. Now I see them as one big crafty canvas! The book shows many ways to spruce up your scrubs including applique, basic reconstruction, image transfer, and more! There are instructions […]

Book Review of The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin

I love so many of the books by Storey Publishing so I was so excited when Kari Chapin contacted me a while back to interview me for a book she was writing for them. (If you love well written “how to” books that are also beautiful to look at, you should take a look at […]

Book Introduction: Simple Serger Sewing

Sponsored Content Using a serger can seem pretty intimidating, but Simple Serger Sewing edited by Julie Johnson is full of tips, techniques, and good information to ease your nerves and get you stitching in no time. The book covers a lot of basics like tension setting and different types of stitches; things that are translatable […]

Crafty Music Video: They Might Be Giants – Why is the Sun Shining?

I dare you to not get this song stuck in your head! It’s sooo catchy and cute AND scientific! Pretty much perfect in my opinion. It’s actually a cover of a song from the 1960’s done by They Might Be Giants, who’ve recently started releasing albums specifically marketed toward kids, though apparently they’ve been singing […]

Book Introduction: Start With Scraps

Sponsored Content Start With Scraps by Carol E. Loessel is definitely one of those books that will become many crafters’ best friend. Not only will it help you use up all that scrap fabric hanging around, but it will do so in a way that doesn’t just create MORE scraps! Many times, a project focusing […]

Felton John

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… While at a LOST premiere party tonight a friend showed me Felt Alive‘s Flickr pool. I must say, it’s an awesome find! She has made a number of needle felted celebrities including the felt Elton John pictured here, Conan O’Brien (being attacked by a polar bear), Willie Nelson, and […]

Bubble Wrap Art

Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb… What do you get when you mix Speedball ink and bubble wrap? Why art, of course! Daisy Yellow has provided an incredibly easy tutorial on how to take that left over packing material and put it to good use: as stamps! via Apartment Therapy Chicago