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@Home This Weekend, Upcycled Planter

This weekend, make a planter out of a large plastic container. kittykill cut the bottom of a large jar of honey, and then embellished it with rows of colorful washi tape. She made sure to use a sealer on the tape so that any moisture won’t cause the tape to peel. What a sweet little […]

Tute Tuesday: Nintendo Controller Case

Raise your hand if you stood outside at midnight to get the new Nintendo gaming console. I see a few hands raised! Show off your geeky pride and protect that new investment with rosered’s tutorial for a Nintendo Controller Case. While this tutorial is specifically for a Nintendo DS, you can alter the dimensions to […]

Pick An Eye and Stick With It

It’s easy to pick an eye if there’s only one; behold the cyclops! There aren’t that many of them on Craftster, but the ones we have are definitely something to see. Plus, even one-eyed creatures deserve some love, so be sure to check these guys out. Here’s something you don’t come across every day: a […]

Nail Art

Did you know that there’s an Awesome Manicure Thread that hasn’t been getting a lot of love lately? I can’t imagine people have stopped painting their nails in awesome ways, but maybe they’re just not posting. I’d post there, but, one, my nails are so broken from the dry winter air they aren’t worth painting […]

@Home This Weekend: Painted Tray

This weekend, personalize a serving tray. All you need is a little creativity and some paint. appledainty chose a Dungeons & Dragons theme for this tray, and after painting it, added lion claw feet. This will be a big hit on game day!

You Oughta Be In Pictures

It’s so nice to have a great portrait of your loved one or favorite celebrity. Portraits don’t always have to be done in pencil or paint, though. Here are five examples of portraits done with different mediums. They all have one thing in common, though: each has achieved a wonderful result. This amazing portrait of […]

@Home This Weekend: For the Birds

This weekend, give the birds a fancy place to eat! classy broad took a thrifted cup and saucer and adhered them together to make this classy birdfeeder. Filled with seeds, it’s sure to bring all the upperclass birds right to her backyard.

Practically Perfect Paisley

“Paisley” is the term for a design using the buta or boteh, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif originating from Persia. It’s been popular in the west since the 18th century, and it looks like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! Let’s check out some fun paisley designs using a variety of media. ThéaOz presents this intricate […]

@Home This Weekend: DIY Organizer

This weekend, store your socks where you can find them with an organizer made from reused cardboard. rockingbearranch made this one the exact size of her drawer, so she’ll never have to paw through a jumble of socks again. She covered her organizer with scrapbook paper, so it’s not only functional; it’s pretty as well. […]

Love You Like No Otter

  This adorable stuffed otter by pottermouth practically wears its heart on its sleeve. What a perfect little valentine for her lucky kid. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just about roses and boxed chocolates; there are other fun ways to show you care. Here’s a fun valentine idea: a delicious pound cake with a […]

@Home This Weekend: Braided Tug Toy

This weekend, make your best friend happy with a new tug toy that you can make yourself! In her post, Smeddley provides instructions with lots of photos. Your dog is gonna love you for this one. Save

I Heart You

It’s almost Valentine’s day- have you made anything for the ones you love? Nothing is sweeter than a handmade gift. Here are several that you’ll love. craftylittlemonkey used a stumpwork technique to make this unique cut out heart. It’s presented in a pink-wrapped embroidery hoop. It would be easy to wear your heart on your […]

Isn’t every day pamper your pooch day?

Today is my pooch’s Adoptiversary, and I’ve spent the last few days making dogs toys for her. And I’m not alone in pampering my puppy, there are a ton of crafters that make a ton of fun pet-related projects on the pet crafts board. One I really need to make some of is this awesome […]

@Home This Weekend: Unique China Wreath

This weekend, create a beautiful wreath out of china teacups! gigglygirl purchased the cups and background plate for this wreath at Goodwill, and added greenery to soften the edges. What she ended up with is a lovely wreath that will go great in a kitchen or breakfast room. You can do it, too!

Super Bowl LI -Are You Ready for Some Football?

It’s Super Bowl time! This year, it’s the Atlanta Falcons vs. the New England Patriots. Whether you’re a super fan or a casual observer, it’s always fun to go to a Super Bowl party, hang out with your friends, and cheer for your favorite team. I’m happy to be routing for my home team, the […]