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Tute Tuesday: Map Paper Pinecones

Want to recycle an old map and create a holiday gift at the same time? Why not try out Phizzychick’s tutorial for a Map Paper Pinecone. These beautiful faux pinecones can be used as ornaments, part of a garland or placed in a lovely seasonal dish. They are perfect for both fall and winter decor. […]

Ode To Coffee

We sure do love our coffee, and boy, is there a lot of coffee related art posted on Craftster, so pour a cuppa and let’s take a look at some of that coffee art. Are you always in need of that morning pick up? Then you may agree with jaimeshive, who strongly declares “Death before decaf” […]

Meal Prep Monday: Chicken Pot Pie

There is no better comfort food than a Chicken Pot Pie. It may seem daunting to make this savory dish, but trust us, it’s not when you use Queenhobo’s easy recipe. Most people stress about the crust, but you don’t have to when you use canned biscuits instead of a traditional topping. The thick biscuit […]

@Home This Weekend: DIY Room Divider

This weekend, wow your friends with a gorgeous room divider made from everyday objects. pookiemccool made this pretty screen using a printer box, some old curtains, leftover furniture paint, and duct tape. This would be perfect for a shared bedroom!

Tute Tuesday: Snow Dyeing

Oh my goodness! Who invited the snow to our November celebrations? It seems as if everyone is bracing for an early arctic freeze. Don’t hate the snow, craft with it! Ptarmic wumpus share their tutorial for Snow Dyeing that is not only fun, but you can also create beautiful material for other projects. If you […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Brrr; winter is coming! Bundle up and keep warm with knit or crocheted accessories; here are some beautiful ways to keep that cold weather at bay. Mistress Jennie crocheted this lovely stained glass infinity scarf. Keep that neck warm! Why wear an ordinary hat when you can be foxy? When her daughter asked for a […]

Meal Prep Monday: Autumn Vegetable Tian

What is growing in your autumn vegetable garden? Lots of squash? Potatoes? An evil beet or two? Gather the last harvest of the season to create an Autumn Vegetable Tian. Craftylittlemonkey shares her recipe for this tasty dish that can be served alone or as a side. You can use a variety of spices for […]

@Home This Weekend: For The Birds

This weekend, grab a large leaves and make a bird bath! This one was made with a rhubarb leaf. cmarion3 included a great tutorial with her post, so check it out!

Thinking Outside The Hoopla

Embroidery hoops make great frames for embroidery projects, but what happens when your art is too big for a hoop to contain? You think outside the hoopla, of course! luckdragon created this portrait of her daughter entitled “Big Scarf“, and I think you can see why. That cozy scarf busts right outside the hoop! A […]

Tute Tuesday: T-Shirt Drawstring Backpack

Do you have an old t-shirt that you just can’t let go of? Instead of saying goodbye to that favorite garment, why not turn it into a backpack? Krafty_Karasu share their tutorial for a T-Shirt Drawstring Backpack that is easy to create. You do not need mad sewing skills to create your backpack. It is […]

Meal Prep Monday: Butternut and Apple Soup

I know I have mentioned it before but I love soup! I love soup weather…a cold rainy day. It is a little slice of heaven for me. I’m always willing to try something new and different so when I saw Onyxnox’s recipe for Butternut and Apple Soup I knew it was go time! This recipe […]

Craftster Quickies: How to Make Air Dry Clay Votive Holders

Kittykill has done it again! She has created these STUNNING air dry clay votives holders! And she is sharing the full project tutorial just for us! 🙂 Click below to watch the video tutorial!

@Home This Weekend: Plastic Bag Fruit Bowl

This weekend, upcycle your plastic grocery bags and make an awesome fruit bowl. All you need is some cardboard, a few nice plastic bags, and a tutorial by sophie_aj. What fun!

Tute Tuesday: Crochet Skull

Are you ready October 31st? It’s not to late to get your Halloween on with bethntim’s tutorial for a Crochet Skull. This is a simple pattern that you can use for a variety of projects from a banner to a scarf to a slouchy hat. Depending on the size, a Crochet Skull can be made […]

Punkin’ Head

Pumpkins and jack o’lanterns abound, now that Halloween is only two days away. Don’t have a real pumpkin? No problem; here are a few ways to enjoy faux pumpkins all season long. This wet-felted jack o’lantern by PerfectlyBohemian looks great with a battery operated tea light lit inside. EriChanHime shared a great tutorial on how to make […]