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Tute Tuesday: Washer Necklace

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to update your accessories? Why not try onescrappinjohnson’s tutorial for a Washer Necklace. This piece of jewelry can be customized to match any outfit. You can design it for both everyday wear or a more elegant event. Don’t stop at making a necklace, use this tutorial to make […]

Can’t Fool Mother Nature

Everybody knows you can’t fool Mother Nature, but you can at least craft with her natural objects and make her happy. Here’s some inspiration! Knickertwist used natural items like acorns and lichen in this gorgeous shrine. The rich colors and her incredible paintings really make this a special piece. This beautiful weaving by Trekky cleverly incorporates driftwood […]

Meatless Monday: Mexican Bean Salad

In my neck of the woods when the sun comes out it is a time to rejoice. We celebrate that bright orb in the sky with picnics! There is no need to get fancy when you have an outdoor party. All you need are just a few ingredients for the perfect dish. Pinkleo shares her […]

@Home This Weekend: St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

‭ This weekend, enjoy St. Patrick’s Day! Mistress Jennie made this awesome wreath featuring a Celtic knot shamrock. All her neighbors will know she’s celebrating. Cheers!

Tute Tuesday: Wrap Front Top

Yahoo! The sun is finally out! It is time to update your wardrobe. Put those bulky sweaters away and start sporting a fun short-sleeve shirt. Joanita shares her tutorial for a Wrap Front Top that is a sassy addition to your spring and summer attire. A Wrap Front Top may seem like a challenge to […]

We Could Be Royals

So, you weren’t born into a royal family, but that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear have a crown. You know you deserve it; you’re fabulous. Crown yourself, and show everyone you know your worth. Nooo crowned herself a mermaid with this gorgeous crown beaded in the colors of the sea. Can you believe this beautiful […]

Meatless Monday: Spinach Feta Breakfast Quiche

Have you heard the old expression that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While that may be a myth, there is no way that you can resist a Spinach Feta Breakfast Quiche first thing in the morning. EerieNoodles shares their recipe for this dish that is both delicious and easy to make. […]

@Home This Weekend: Revamped Cabinet

This weekend, change the look of a boring old cabinet. marlie2 totally transformed a thrift store reject into a beautiful piece with new legs and faux map drawers. Visit her post to see this amazing transformation!

Tute Tuesday: Steampunk Paper Top Hat

It’s Mardi Gras time! Shake a tail feather to the second line and let the good times roll! Of course you are gonna need a fancy outfit to show off in the parade. Craftster member AngelProjekt shares her tutorial for a Steampunk Paper Top Hat that will not only stand out, but will make you […]

Vintage Cuties

I’m so in love with this adorable stitched pillow that I had to dig in and see what other great vintage inspired work I could find this week. These best friends, from a 1930’s pattern, make the cutest pillow ever! kittykill stitched them up and tinted them with crayons. So adorable. Here’s a fun decor […]

Keeping Us In Stitches

It’s amazing what some people can do with some embroidery floss and a needle. There are so many beautiful examples posted on Craftster that it was difficult for me to choose only a few to feature, but let’s take a look at five that caught my eye this week. Finney used photos to recreate a […]

Let’s Spool Up!

Old wooden spools are great for crafting; there are so many things you can do with them. If you’re lucky enough to have some, don’t throw them out when the thread is gone – make something! quaggy must have quite the collection of old spools. She created two gorgeous hearts using them, adding buttons, charms and […]

Wearing Your Heart…

  …wherever you want. It’s said that some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but why restrict it to just your sleeve? Wear them everywhere; it’s almost Valentine’s Day! It can be said that pottermouth wears her heart on her feet, now that she’s crocheted these lovely red and white heart slippers. This beaded felt […]

Octopus, Octopuses, Octopi

Q: What is a gathering of octopuses called? A: An Octoposse. Ha! Sorry for the Dad joke, but it’s the perfect intro into this posse of octopi we’re featuring today. (For the record, either version of the plural is acceptable, so I used them both for variety.) maxxev presented her octoposse in a lovely set of […]

Let it Snow!

2 Brrrr. It’s so cold where I am that all I can think of is snow. One thing I love about these projects, though; they’re not cold at all. Each has all the beauty of a snowflake, without the threat of frostbite. Smeddley embroidered this beautiful single snowflake in whites and cool blues. Framed, it makes […]