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@Home This Weekend: Pine Cone Succulents

This weekend, gather up the pine cones in your yard and create a fabulous faux succulent garden. Succulents are all the rage right now, and with this lovely garden, there’s no need to worry about proper light or over-watering. yzzilnoaj used reclaimed wood to frame her succulents, creating this unique wall accent. Simply inspired!

Love Your Laundry

For most of us, doing laundry is just a fact of life. Why not make it fun? Create some great decor and laundry aids that might even make you look forward to doing your laundry. Really! This adorable laundry room diorama is only made cuter by the fact that TheMistressT constructed it in an empty […]

@Home This Weekend: Laundry Flashcards

This weekend, frame some vintage flash cards for a creative art display! TheMistressT matted her clothing-related cards in bright coordinating prints and hung them in her laundry room, making laundry day just a little brighter. So clever! Save

Cheery Chairs

Need a happy place? Start with a great chair. Any of these chairs would provide a great place to sit and enjoy a nice cup of tea. MaryBee chose a chair with intricate carved details on its back, and painted it in bright fun colors. She even echoed some of the details in the black seat of […]

Meatless Monday: Blueberry Vanilla Oatmeal Muffins

Are you constantly on the go and need a little snack to get through the mid-morning slump. Craftster member Mistress Jennie has the perfect pick-me-up that is filling and tasty. Blueberry Vanilla Oatmeal Muffins are not only great snacks, but paired with a little fruit, the perfect easy going breakfast treat. They aren’t just for […]

@Home This Weekend: Essential Oils Room Spray

This weekend, gather a few supplies and make some bottles of essential oil room spray. LovelyMiss printed her labels and cut them out on her Silhouette, making such a beautiful presentation. Even with a simpler label, these sprays will smell just as sweet. Click on the post to find out the “recipe” for these sprays. […]

Actually, Alice

If you search under the “Alice in Wonderland” tag, you will find over 200 projects inspired by this beloved book. There’s a little bit of everything, from embroidery and papercrafts to costumes, party themes, and swap galleries. Let’s go down that rabbit hole! pottermouth made the tiniest Alice popup book, tied it with a red ribbon, […]

@Home This Weekend: Pom Pom Shades

This weekend, add some fun to your window shades with big puffy pom poms! TheMistressT sewed some shades and added large yarn pom poms to the bottoms for a dash of whimsy. Speaking of whimsy, you’ll love what she used for the shade pulls, but you’ll have to click through to her post to find […]

The Birds and The Bees

Today, let’s talk about the birds and the bees. No, it’s not that kind of talk; we’re going to look at some of the birds and bees created by Craftster members! vkvhawk used watercolors to create a set of one of a kind greeting cards,  including an inquisitive little birdie. A mixed media canvas by Onyxnox […]

@Home This Weekend: Stained Chairs

This weekend, create some unique chairs for your dining table. Mistress Jennie found a lovely table inset with iridescent tiles, and just not any chair would do. She purchased some unfinished chairs and gave them a pop of purple color with stain. What a happy place to enjoy a meal!

Sweet Hearts

Who’s ready for Valentine’s day? Just for you, a collection of really sweet hearts of all types. You’re gonna love them! This frilly heart is actually pinata filled with yummy chocolates. This, of course, makes it sweet both inside and out. LovelyMiss provided a wonderful tutorial, so you, too, can make these at home. This […]

@Home This Weekend: Cheeseboard Markers

This weekend, use this great tutorial by hillcitybride to make some creative cheeseboard markers. Be the hostess with the mostest; no longer will your guests have to guess what you are offering on your charcuterie tray! Save

Colorful Quilts

Blustery winter weather just makes me want to curl up with a warm blanket. Or better yet, a colorful quilt. These bright quilts will warm not only your body, but your heart as well. This sweet baby quilt by cmarion3 has lots of patterned blocks in fun colors, with several panels including adorable little birds. sloth003 used […]

@Home This Weekend: Novelty Lamp

This weekend, give your decor a kick in the pants by making a novelty lamp out of a vintage thermos. TheMistressT used a fun plaid thermos as the base of this lamp, and even covered the shade with a fun faux bois fabric. What a bright idea!

Let’s Face It

Lots of time, when one thinks of portraits your typical methods of drawing or painting come to mind. Here at Craftster, though, we have several portrait artists who have created stunning portraiture in unexpected mediums. From a distance, this portrait of Horace Femm looks like a striking black and white photograph. However, artist Ludi created […]