Brought to You by the Number Nine

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Today is 09/09/09, and to celebrate this date (because here at Craftster we will celebrate pretty much anything!), we bring you nine nine-patch quilts (plus one). The nine-patch is one of the most popular styles of quilts. They consist of rows of quilt blocks, each consisting of 9 patches (typically 3 rows of 3). They can be uniform in size and shape or varied as in a crazy quilt. There are lovely variations, such as the disappearing nine-patch, split nine-patch, puzzle, and many more.

Happy 09-09-09! See you in a year, a month, and a day for 10/10/10! To those on the other side of the date line, we’re sorry we’re a day late. I hope you had a great 09/09/09, and that you are enjoying the future!

brown charity quilt nine
fall colors Japanese multi
nine reds orange

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P.S. Into Numerology? Check out what they believe the significance of 9/9/09 is:

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One Comment

  1. Neet says:

    It’s my birthday today! Yay!!!