Book Review: Kilobyte Couture

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book cover When I was a little girl, I used to hunt around the bases of utility poles for the small bits of colored wire and other colorful electric bits the telephone linemen and utility workers would leave behind. These tiny treasures seemed beautiful to me and I would make tiny rings and bracelets or save them in my room. Sometimes my Dad would use bigger pieces of wire and twist them into fanciful animal shapes, it was like magic!

Kilobyte Couture: Geek Chic Jewelry to Make from Easy-to-Find Computer Components by Brittany Forks gave me this same feeling all over again. Using easy to follow instructions and quirky illustrations, she shows how to make many types of jewelry and trinkets out of capacitors, resistors, and other bits of electronic leftovers. For the Geeky, these pieces are amazing and fun, and for the non-Geeky, you’d never guess their nerdy origins! The Digital Coral Necklace is a perfect example. It’s so pretty, you’d never know it was made from computer parts!

Click here to see the project excerpt for Digital Coral Necklace

digital coral

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  1. Weezie says:

    I just HAD to leave a message… This picture brought back some longgggg time ago memories for me. My brother was a electronic wizzard back in the 70’s.. and had an assortment of these *though not quite as beautiful colors, more browns, blacks, tans and rusts* and with out ever reallllly knowing how to “offically make jewelery” I used to do the same thing, make rings and necklaces, etc. I used to have soooooo much fun “creating”…..
    But never, ever, did they look as beautiful as that blue one pictured above.. Cudo’s to the
    maker of those! Weezie

  2. Jacky says:


    Everybody, if you are looking for a nice coral jewelry gift, I ran across the Black Coral Jewelry. I’m not sure thiough you can bring some of there back to the States.