Book Introduction: The Polymer Clay Cookbook

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The Polymer Clay Cookbook Do you love those miniature foods made from polymer clay that you see posted here on Craftster? Would you like to make your own tiny food charms? What’s not to like about tiny, fancy food with no calories? It’s all sweet and no regrets! With this book you can easily follow the step by step instructions and make your own miniature food jewelry. Ranging from tiny cupcakes and ice cream to tiny burgers and fries, this little “cook book” will have you whipping up your own tiny food projects in no time!

Thanks to our sponsors at Watson-Guptill for sharing an excerpt with a free project you can try for yourself! Click here for the complete excerpt.

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  1. Krafty_Karasu says:

    I went out and bought this yesterday. I love it! though I did confuse the poor guy who was helping me when I told him the name was “Polymer Clay Cookbook”. he wasn’t sure if he needed to look in the crafts section or the cooking section. lol. silly (cute) boys. 😉

  2. aydeh says:

    where can you get it?
    like any specific book store?