Bibliocrafting: Amigurumi

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What is more fun than having an amigurumi version of your favorite book characters? Not much, that’s for sure.

Angry Angel made this cute little Frodo ami (and, as a bonus for Whovians, there’s also a Rory the Roman ami in the same post!)
Amapoet made a wee little Harry Potter amigurumi, complete with glasses and scar, and even a removable cloak!
Tygermane made this Jacob Black ami for a swap, with a little wolf clan charm necklace and everything!
LunaR created this detailed Last Unicorn amigurumi that even has a lovely silver-white mane created using a My Little Pony rehairing technique.
Don’t forget, comic books are books, too! Here is an amigurumi version of Captain America, made by Old Lace.
And here’s Jean Grey as Phoenix from X-Men, in amigurumi form, as created by CraftyDork.

What characters do you want to make into amigurumi form to have and to hold?

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