B-Movie Monster Bonanza!

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Last week saw the arrival of the much-anticipated Sharknado 2, and the less anticipated but still hilariously bad Sharktopus vs Pteracuda. This has led to wide-spread speculation about the next great (awful) monster movie (besides Sharknado 3, because they’ve already announced they are going there, oh yes, they are). Will it be another creature mash-up? Creature vs natural disaster? Real creature of improbable size/disposition? The possibilities are endless! But until we find out what monstrous idea the movie people think up next, let’s take a look back at some past favorites!

Sharktopus plush Sharktopus was of course destined to become a legend, as bad (and it was bad) as the movie was. He’s a ferocious looking beast in the movies (except the very very beginning of Sharktopus vs Pteracuda, where you are treated to the *cutest* little baby sharktopus), but this plush huggable version by RobbinZombie is as cute as can be!
Giant Squid Squids and Octopodes, either as themselves or as part of another creature, like Sharktopus, have long held a place in movie horror history. The Kraken is probably the best example, which is a legend that may have originated from a real-life giant squid. Not a lot more terrifying than being wrapped in huge tentacles and dragged to the depths. This particular giant squid, by angelcallie, probably only poses a danger of extreme cuddling – though it does possess an impressive and realistic beak… and a surprise! You’ll just have to click the link to see the full cleverness!
Giant Jellyfish Another tentacle monster of the deep is the also-terrifying jellyfish, which does grow to mammoth proportions. Though in real life, it’s some of the smallest jellyfish that are the most dangerous, it’s much more fun to crochet up a monster, like this one by amydice, which you CAN make since there is a pattern included! It’s been on my pinboard for awhile now – maybe it’s time to get Kraken on it? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Whatever the new B-Movie creature is, I know that I (sad as that may be) and millions of others will be glued to our TV sets to laugh, groan, and have a great time watching something that will almost certainly be terrible.

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  1. Phizzychick says:

    So cute! Err, I mean so scary! 😀

  2. meleriffic says:

    Love these projects! My husband likes watching B movies. I should make him something from one.

  3. kittykill says:

    This rocks so hard. I love B movies and what a great article.

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