Artist Trading Blocks!

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Question: what’s six times better than an Artist Trading Card? Answer: Artist Trading Blocks, because they have six surfaces to decorate! Recently, HSG asked me if I’d co-host an Artist Trading Block (ATB) swap with her. We’ve been so happy with the gallery that I want to share some of the work. I wish I could share them all, because everyone obviously put a lot of time and effort into the blocks they created. If you like what you see here, be sure to visit the swap gallery to see what everyone else sent. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these beauties! 

pottermouth chose to do an “Under the Sea” mermaid themed ATB, and every side is exquisite. This is an interactive block: the mermaid is articulated, there’s a message in a bottle, and a shell opens to reveal a secret surprise. There’s even a giant squid attack on one side!

Mistress Jennie took inspiration from her partner’s Pinterest boards, and most especially, a quote from a song by They Might Be Giants: “Make a little birdhouse in your soul”. This lovely steampunk birdhouse is the stunning result.
cackle showed off her woodburning skills in this gorgeous Harry Potter inspired reliquary. She hollowed out the center of the block, added some doors on hinges, and enclosed a bottle, rumored to be holding some shards of the Philosopher’s Stones.

Killam Creative went with the theme of “nurture” for this beautiful ATB bird house. She hollowed out a hole in the center for nesting, and included three speckled eggs gently resting within.

fancybutch took it to the streets with her graffiti-inspired block. It’s bright and colorful and gritty, just like street art should be. And it displays a great message: “if you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.”

We have had so much fun sharing our Artist Trading Blocks in this, Craftster’s first ATB swap. And the gallery is not even complete; more blocks are in transit, to be delivered soon. Be sure to visit the gallery for more photos. And for other non-swap related ATBs posted on Craftster, click on the tag “artist trading block“. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. HSG says:

    So many amazing ATB’s it is hard to pick a favorite. Besides the one I own from cmarion3, of course. 🙂

  2. Susan ~ Killam Creative says:

    This was such a fun swap! I love watching the gallery as it continues to fills up. There’s so much inspiration!

  3. alwaysinmyroom says:

    This has been a challenging and fun swap…I think many of us are now addicted to ATBs! I love all of them…all unique and expressive!

  4. rackycoo says:

    I love them all too! It’s amazing how many different beautiful things can be made from a block of wood.

  5. LimeRiot says:

    I was really bummed to miss that swap. So many great creations came from it!

  6. alteredmommy says:

    This was such a fun swap and the creations were fantastic! So addicted to those little pieces of wood now….

  7. meleriffic says:

    I love all these blocks! What an awesome idea to decorate a craft room with.

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