Arrrghhh… braaaaains

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I’ve been on (another) zombie kick lately. My latest foray into zombiedom is the book “Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?”, which is two neuroscientists discussing the actual (well, theoretical) anatomy of a zombie brain. It’s quite good so far, and full of pop culture references. No undead sheep yet, though. I guess I’ll just have to make due staring longingly at this amazing example made by the incomparable Ludi, though sadly not for me.
I’m also quite into watching iZombie, which has very… not only normal looking zombies (other than being a bit pale), but a lot of downright cute ones! Not as adorable as this little guy stitched up by the very talented lindyv321 (again, unfortunately not for me!), but cute.
I’m also reading “The Zen of Zombie”, which features more traditional, Night of the Living Dead style zombies, and advice on how to live happier by emulating some of their traits (though not all, the eating of brains is not advocated, only going after htings you want with the single-minded – ha! – determination shown by zombies going after brains. Those zombies are more on the creepy, rotting side, a lot like this amazing doll by the wonderful cmarion3. Seriously, go look at the before and after pics on this doll makeover!
And what zombie roundup would be complete without some Zombie art? Luckily, the very artistic Chr1stChan drew this amazing piece as part of the month-long Inktober project, so check out the link for even more spooky, creepy (and some downright adorable) fun!

Are you a zombie fan? If so, what’s your favorite zombie book, show, or movie? I have an entire list, there are so many good ones out there, all great for different reasons! But I think, push comes to shove, I have to give my number one spot to Shaun of the Dead.

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  1. pottermouth says:

    These projects are as awesome as Shaun of the Dead!

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