April 1st is International Tatting Day (really!)

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Tatted Doily That’s it, this is the year I really learn to tat. I’ve done it a little before, with guidance, but after seeing all these awesome tatted projects, and finding there is a tatting day, I need to take the plunge! This amazing Halloween-themed doily by tattfae is just the tip of the iceburg – also in that post are an adorable set of tatted owls, hearts, a hummingbird, and snowflakes. Just amazing work!
Tatted Necklace Tatting isn’t just for doilies and ornaments, though even if it was that would be enough… no, it also makes beautiful jewelry – just take a look at this stunning necklace by pieknits! It’s dressy enough to wear to a formal occasion!
Tatted Bracelet Of course, not all tatted jewelry has to be that dressy, just take a look at this vibrant and casual bracelet by BitsofBruce. Just the perfect thing to wear with jeans or yoga pants to give your outfit that little bit of pop!
Itsy Bitsy Spider Necklace And even when the tatting isn’t necessarily the focal point of the piece, it does manage to shine, just like in this spider and web necklace by 85%confusion. And even more amazing, this was made for the Dollar Store Challenge, and just about everything used to make it was from the dollar store! Ingenuity and craftiness go hand in hand! (If you haven’t checked out the craft challenges, you really should!)

Tatting: it’s not just for lace anymore, though lace is totally awesome and a good enough reason to learn it.

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  1. HSG says:

    Tatting has long been a love of mine.

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