April 18th is International Juggler’s Day

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Chicken Juggling Balls I admit that I have always wanted to learn to juggle. I’ve never had the patience to sit down and learn, though it’s possible that it’s simply because I’ve never had juggling balls as amazing as these juggling chickens by pickled_peppers

Loco Roco Juggling Balls …or any as adorable as these (one slightly dizzy looking already!) crazy character juggling balls by fortressia. There are three different ones, and every one of them is almost too cute to toss around. Almost.
Monkey Juggling Balls Of course, if you want to go even more non-traditional, you can opt for these clever pyramid-shaped juggling monkeys by shooting star. I don’t actually know if it would be harder to juggle something that wasn’t perfectly round (okay, obviously chainsaws are harder, but I mean a soft non-round shape) because, see first paragraph on my non-juggly-ness
Circus Freak Juggling Balls

Of course, even if you want to go the traditional route, it doesn’t mean they have to be either plain or boring! Really jazzy fabrics like the ones on these juggling balls by stitchesxstones can make even the “regular” juggling ball into something spectacular.

There you go, four fantastic reasons to take up juggling!

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  1. LimeRiot says:

    I suck at juggling but I’d still love some of those cute chicken balls!

  2. HSG says:

    Ditto what Lime said! Great post.

  3. rackycoo says:

    Ha ha, chicken balls!

    I’m not a juggler either, but I think kids would love these toys.

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