Anytime’s time for Zzzzzzz…

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I’ve been horribly under the weather lately, with sinus headaches the likes I’ve never before experienced. Shooting pains on the side of my face and head make me just want to sleep. and I want it *dark*. This isn’t always possible… or is it? If only there were some crafty solution, to make something to block out the light… that would be amazing…

Owl eye mask Whooooooooo wouldn’t be happy with this adorable owl mask by Laughing Cat? I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist…
Embroidered Eyes Sleep Mask

Or if owls aren’t your cup of tea, maybe just an adorable pair of embroidered eyes like these by tattfae? Do you think I could slip this on and fool people into thinking I was still awake? No, you’re right, probably not – they’d never believe I had eyelashes that long…

Bender Sleep Mask Or you could fully embrace your cranky side with this Bender mask by Staar84. I’d say that would give you full rein to use all the Bender-isms you wanted!
I run with scissors eye mask

Last but certainly not least, this blast from the past challenge entry that is so perfectly Craftster by beadizzygrl, guaranteed* to fill your dreams with amazing crafty goodness.

* Some restrictions apply See fine print for details.

Fine print: Only valid in Liechtenstein, and only for marsupial tailors who have permanent resident status and flightless birds (not including penguins) who work in the food service industry.

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