Amigurumi Mania

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blue ami For the past several years, Amigurumi has been one of the most popular crafts here on Craftster. What is amigurumi, I hear you ask? Amigurumi is type of small crocheted figure, usually almost unbearably adorable. Why do I need amigurumi, you may wonder? Well, back to the unbearably cute part: these little guys will break your heart with their tiny, darling, lovable, cuteness. Even amigurumi monsters and demons are totally sweet.

Some amigurumi are complex and detailed, and others are sweet and simple. Some are made from available patterns (a few of which are in the projects linked in this article). Others are completely improvised, customized, and individual. Amigurumi is an accessible project for a wide range of skill levels, and few children or adults can resist the charm of a tiny crocheted creature. This is a big reason for their astounding popularity!

dawn spirit Max Naruto
Octo Stack family team Kitten
cactus dandelion elephant
faun daisy fox

Amigurumi are sometimes knitted, so knitters need not feel left out, but most often they are crocheted. The amigurumi craze started in Japan, as part of the Japanese love of all things kawaii (or cute). The name comes from a combination of the word ami, which means knitted or crocheted, and nuigurumi , which means a stuffed doll. They quickly spread beyond Japan, and now are loved the world over. They have taken Craftster by storm!

Frankie Luma monkey
ninja octorok owl
penguin goth raccoon redbrown
sandy teapot tooth

Are you an Amigurumi fan? We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. kitschkween says:

    Amigurumi was the only reason why I started crocheting. I saw all these super kawaii stuffies, but I only knew how to knit. I checked out a couple of web vids, and taught myself to crochet. My first FO was a penguin, and my currant WIP is a unicorn!

  2. shdwstrm says:

    Actually ami doesn’t mean knit

    ami is japanese for friend.

    knit is nitto
    knitting is amimono

  3. Bookworm says:

    I love amigurumi. It’s also the reason why I learned how to crochet. I went to a convention where they held a panel on amigurumi and tried to teach us how to make a jellyfish. It went horribly, mainly because there was a room full of people and of the 3 girls running the panel only one actually felt the need to try to help everyone. The other two sat at one table the entire time while one girl ran trying to help everyone. So it didn’t really work. So when I left I decided that I’d teach myself. So I used youtube videos and some of the basics I’d learned in the panel and then I practiced. So I’ve recently started actually working on projects and I’ve completed one, almost successfully (a Gabu with lopsided antennae), and am working on another one (an Octopus with a bloated head :-D). And I’m trying to find more cool amigurumi patterns, though I’m finding the free ones aren’t easy to find and the ones that cost are just more than I’m willing to spend for a single pattern :'(

  4. KiwiDragons says:

    I’m trying to learn to crochet better so I can make them too! It’s the reason I want to learn. The possibilities seems endless.

  5. Rach says:

    These are so cute. I wish I was good at crochet.

  6. pop says:

    shdwstrm- ami does mean knit. amimono= knitted object. friend= tomodachi

    anyway, been admiring amigurumi projects for years! maybe its time i learn crocheting and knitting from my mom.

  7. BabyDragon says:

    Amigurumi inspired me to pick up crochet again after a long hiatus. One can only find room for so many Afghans, and clothing can be frustrating because a minor miscalculation can ruin days/weeks of work…to say nothing of a monstrous collection of scarves that are somewhat impractical for Los Angeles weather. Amigurumi are so wonderful because it’s no big deal if they come out too big or too small, and you can create something cool in just a few hours.

    And of course the amazing work of fellow craftsters makes me itch to design a bunch of cuties myself.

    Just to chime in, yes, ami means knit. While it is indeed sometimes used to mean friend, in that context it is actually a borrowed word taken from the French. It’s just like how English speakers will sometimes refer to their friends as amigos/amigas.

  8. amigrumi is amazing. it’s the reason i crochet !
    i just love coming uo with my own litle stuffed animals 🙂

  9. SolarSoda says:

    I, too, must confess that I picked up crocheting after I saw Christine Haden’s book “Creepy Cute Crochet” last year. I never did anything with it when I bought it, but now I’m on a mission. However … I’m really retarded and am having trouble. I’ve looked at the tutorials on YouTube, I’ve scoured NeedleNoodles’ website (the author’s website), and I just can’t figure it out on my own. I’m hoping to find a real live person in my area (SWFL) who can help me with this. All I want to do is make a Fuzzy Alien! After that, who knows?

    I know how to crochet; I can do all the basics, I just can’t interpret the directions in her book. I know it can be done, otherwise that mystical crochet language wouldn’t be used, lol.

    But yeah, I can’t wait to start my own army of amigurumi. Chee!

    By the way, this is the BEST WEBSITE EVAH! I will be making frequent trips here, what a great website! 🙂

  10. Rachel says:

    Amigurumi is the only reason that I learned to crochet. I love how I can take a simple piece of yarn and a crochet hook and make such amazing creations. :0)

  11. Candice says:

    I’m a latecomer to Amigurumi but now I’m hooked (no pun intended). I love making these cute projects for family and friends. “Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet” by Ana Paula Rimoli is a good resource for beginners. Rimoli’s Etsy store is fun to browse for inspiration.

  12. I love all those cute animals!!! I am totally hooked – I like Amigurumi because it takes next to no time to create a really cute pal!!

  13. Digitalis88 says:

    I adore amigurumi. I bought 2 books so i can make some for myself. It is my very first attempt at crochet. So i am learning all bbyu myself with blogs, youtube and books.

  14. All So Cute says:

    I`m addicted to crochet these cute guys. They`re so kawaii. I`ve learned to crochet them from the blogs and youtube. then i learned to manage a website to share my cuties 🙂

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