American Idol and Music-Related Crafts

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American Idol t-shirt bag With the finale of Americal Idol recently, I thought it would be fun to feature some music-related crafts.

Whether you watch the show or not, you can surely appreciate some crafts inspired by music. From jewelry to home decor, it seems that Craftsters have done it all.

It’s almost amazing to me how many vinyl record crafts I dug up on the boards. I think the record bowl and bags are most popular, but there is definitely quite a bit of variety out there! These are just a few. There are many, many more.

Vinyl record bag Vinyl record bangle bracelets Vinyl record wine rack
Vinyl record clock Vinyl record purse Vinyl record clock

Some Craftsters are inspired by the sound of music, or the meaning behind lyrics. Other Craftsters craft with the physical lyrics and album art.

Shooting star clock Blues free motion quilt Vinyl record guitar
Sheet music house Piano wallet Music inchies
Sheet music bangle Opera plushie Music lyrics pillow

Are you inspired by music? Do you listen to music while you craft?

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  1. giddy girlie says:

    I recently made some Flight of the Conchords figurines that I need to post to Craftster! Some pictures available on my Flickr stream:

  2. Leah says:

    Those are hysterical giddy girlie!! (Oh how I love FOTC!)

  3. sweets4ever says:

    GIDDY GIRLIE!! Haha!! Those are the best! Please post them on Craftster when you get a chance. I need you to share those with everyone possible, lol!

  4. PinkPug,INK. says:

    I made an Adam Lambert shirt to wear while watching the finale…I was a little disappointed but I’m sure he’ll be fine.

  5. giddy girlie says:

    Thanks everyone!! This exact set sold immediately after I posted it in my etsy shop, so I am making more… everyone loves the Conchords!!

    I also have a Henry Rollins beaded shirt that I need to post to Craftster. I guess this is going to be a post-stuff-to-Craftster weekend for me!! 🙂

  6. Athena says:

    Yeah. Music inspires me quite a bit and I love listening to music while I make stuff. :]

  7. Polypropylene says:

    the new season of american idol definitely has some very good singers

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