A Penny For Your Thoughts

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Everyone knows that a penny doesn’t go far these days. They’re still in circulation, though, so there are plenty of them out there. Here are some penny-wise Craftsters who didn’t use their spare change to purchase craft supplies; they incorporated the actual pennies themselves as part of their art.

cmarion3 used “pennies from heaven” in this shrine she created for the 100th Craftster craft challenge, in which you had to incorporate 100 similar items.

Pressed pennies are fun, but what do you do with them? lindyv321 made Disney pennies into zipper pulls for Disney backpacks. Perfect!
BananaAmbush calls this her “change purse“, and rightly so, because it’s fashioned from actual change! She drilled holes into pennies and stitched them onto the cloth base. The handle is made with foreign coins.
Each of the charms in this bracelet cost exactly one cent, because each of the charms is actually a hammered penny! Calabaza flattened the coins and then stamped each one with words from some of her favorite fictional characters.
yzzilnoaj was given a marble topped table, and used the marble for her kitchen island. The new copper top she made for this beautiful blue coffee table contains $18 worth of pennies, embedded in thick poly.

If you find a penny, pick it up. All the day you’ll have good luck…and maybe a new and interesting craft supply!


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