40 Eco-friendly projects for Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary!

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Craftster Celebrates Earth Day's 40th Anniversary Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! In honor of that, we’re sharing 40 of our favorite earth friendly projects from around the site. Craftster is FULL of projects big and small that reduce, recycle, reuse, reconstruct, upcycle, and on and on! We know that this isn’t everything! We couldn’t possibly fit in all of the eco-friendly crafts featured on the site. Craftsters are constantly creating things that help environment and look fantastic!

These projects run the gamut from easy to epic! Many recycle things that otherwise would be thrown away, things that you may not realize you can reuse. Hopefully these inspire you to make some eco-friendly to use in your life. Big or small, any positive change is a step in the right direction! Many of these projects include tutorials, so look around, get inspired, and make a change!

Plastic Yarn Bag Compost Bin Swiffer Cover
Clothing Tag Bracelet 8 Track Lamp Magazine Gift Bows
Cloth Pads Scrap Quilt Fabric Shopping Bag
Soda Can Backsplash Cassette Tape Wallet Shampoo Bottle Necklace
Pudding Cup Lamp Paperclip Ring Wine Cork Board
Bike Wheel Chandelier Cardboard Play Kitchen Book Headboard
Upcycled Sweater Boots Christmas Light Brooch Slide Curtain
Credit Card Bracelet Reclaimed Sweater House Newspaper Bags
Window Mosaic Homemade Dish Soap Garbage Can
Raised Garden Beds Book Wallet Bath Poof
Tent Dress Sheep to Hat Homemade Honey
DIY Earthbox Fork Bracelet Bike Lunch Bag
How to Make Paper Film Canister Diorama Wine Bottle Cheese Tray
Earth Day Postcards

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  1. Gloria says:

    Thank you for choosing my wine cork board! I’m so excited!

  2. monaliza says:

    amazing projects

  3. Paul says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing 40 Eco-friendly projects for Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary