Tute Tuesday: Christmas Crack

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Christmas CrackAre you looking for a last minute gift that is both delicious and inexpensive? Why not make a batch of Mistress Jennie’s Christmas Crack. You can whip up this sweet treat in no time at all with simple ingredients you probably have on hand. One sleeve of crackers will make up enough for several gifts. You can add nuts, sprinkles or other toppings for even more festive flavor. If you are having issues with the recipe, Mistress Jennie and the rest of the awesome Craftster members are here to help.

Create other tasty tidbits with recipes, tips and inspiration from our Cooking Board. Happy Holidays!

Meal Prep Monday: Black Eyed Pea and Squash Soup

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Black Eyed Pea and Squash SoupOld man winter has decided to take up residence in my neck of the woods and boy is he hungry! To satisfy his craving and keep him warm I decided to treat him to a pot of Craftylittlmonkey’s Black Eyed Pea and Squash Soup. I can feel good making this dish when I use vegetables that are in season and abundant. I can’t wait to pair this soup with a nice thick piece of homemade bread. For some people black eyed peas are the devil. That’s okay! You can use a different bean or veggie to take its place. You can see the full thread for this project HERE

You can see more great recipes by viewing the Cooking Board.

Craftster Featured Projects – Dedicated to the People Who Made It

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Since February 2009, we have chosen 15 current Featured Projects from around Craftster. Ten years of amazing featured projects.

Today, though, in lieu of the site closing, we are bringing you the final collection of Featured Projects for Craftster — ever. And today, we are not featuring current projects.

Today, we are featuring a collection of projects created by our very own Mod Squad. Many thanks to kittykill for organizing this beautiful collection of favorite projects from our hard-working team.

Mods, thank you for stepping up, showing up, and creating daily. We love and adore each of you.  We couldn’t have done any of this without you.

— kittykill, rackycoo & sweets4ever

More melted bead goodness! Starry Night 😉 by sweets4ever

A Miniature (Actual) Bakery by MissingWillow

Mythical Creatures Portraits by lindyv321

A Circus-y Birthday For Craftster! by rackycoo

Old Man’s Western Shirt to Baby’s Western Dress by meleriffic

Rusty the Moth Guy – mostly needle-felted art doll by PerfectlyBohemian

AFF’s Smoking Monkey in TBBT by loves2experiment

Craftster Community Inspired Charm Bracelet – Craftster is all of us. by Mistress Jennie

Disney Haunted Mansion Cross Stitch by kittykill

Dread Pirate Mao by pottermouth

Harry Potter Burrow by alteredmommy

Six Lap Quilts by LovelyMiss

Artwork by alwaysinmyroom

Mug Rug by MareMare

Simplicity 2396A polka dot bag by SevsOnlyGirl

“Hey! That’s my fern!”

Tute Tuesday: Paper Tree

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Paper TreeSometimes you need a little holiday decoration in your office. Calvinlover16 share their tutorial for a Paper Tree that will keep your desk festive and not take up a lot of room. Best of all…no pine needles to clean up! You can craft this tree with any color or pattern scrap book paper you wish. Why not create an entire forest with whimsical paper and small baubles. Paper Trees make an excellent gift for coworkers, teachers or your favorite arborist.

You can see the full thread for this project HERE. Happy Holidays!

Meal Prep Monday: Lazy Bread Pudding

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Lazy Bread PuddingSome times you want something sweet without all the work. Catwithseventoes share their recipe for Lazy Bread Pudding that will literally take a matter of minutes to make. You simply gather the ingredients and microwave. Easy peasy! This dish is a great breakfast or snack when you are on the run. You can also whip up a pan for holiday potlucks and office parties. It taste like you spent all day making it but we know your secret.

You can see the full thread for this project HERE

Thankful DIY

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It’s time to count our blessings. The holiday season is approaching, and soon it will be time to welcome family and friends to celebrate. Let’s decorate!

In her post, appropriately titled “Fall Obsessed”, ysmeine included many projects perfect for fall and Thanksgiving, including this quick and easy cloche, made from a candlestick and stemless wine glass.

Reel Crafty Girl had a great idea for your buffet table: decorated chalkboard signs. No more guessing what’s in that casserole!
How great is this “Give thanks” sign by bethntim? She designed it so that once Thanksgiving is over, the reverse reads “Jingle Bells” for the Christmas season. So clever!
TheMistressT stamped “thank you” into  a clay turkey to make this removable vase charm.  Once the vase is filled with flowers, it’s the perfect centerpiece for a Thanksgiving feast.
What is Thanksgiving without hand turkeys? Here’s the perfect project for kids (and adults!) Create a turkey with the outline of your hand, and write what you’re thankful for on the back. JAM Paper made a box to store them in. What fun to look back at these year after year!

It’s always good to be thankful for what you have. As a blog writer, I’m thankful for all the wonderful Craftster who continuously post such beautiful and inspiring work!


Tute Tuesday: Fabric Covered Buttons

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Fabric Covered ButtonsDoes your wardrobe need a new look? You can create beautiful one of a kind fabric buttons without a kit using Viliku’s tutorial for Fabric Covered Buttons. You do not need a special instrument when making this accessory. It is scrapbusting at its best! You just need a small piece of fabric, a button, floss and a needle. Easy peasy! This is a fun project for children. They can craft their very own button for clothing, jewelry or fairy garden furniture.

Happiness is crafting! Don’t be afraid to try something new with inspiration from our Tutorial Cloud. Have a crafty Tuesday!


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If you live here in the U.S., you’re probably making plans now to celebrate Thanksgiving. Whether you’re gathering with family or friends, it’s nice to take a day off and be thankful. Here are some fun ways to enjoy your day.
Set a beautiful table. kittykill made lovely napkin holders/placecards from picture frames. There’s a link in her post to a video tutorial on how to make these personalized accessories.
Deck your halls with a leaf garland. This one, by paperella features felt leaves, so you can keep it up all through the fall.
Bake a beautiful bird. Your turkey can look just as perfect, and be just as tasty if you follow this recipe and tutorial by sweets4ever.
Keep the kids occupied while dinner’s cooking. craftcorners suggests making them some finger puppets so they can put on a little show.
Here’s a great idea from JS that you and your family can enjoy for years to come: provide some paper and pens, and have everyone record what they are thankful for. So fun to look back at over the years!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Need more ideas to make it special, click on the Thanksgiving board on Craftster.

Meal Prep Monday: Let’s Talk Turkey

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TurkeyAre you cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving? Do you have a go-to recipe for preparing the bird? Our family has tried so many different techniques. We finally decided to turn on the grill and use the rotisserie function. Other members, like Craftylittlemonkey cooks her with a nice paprika and garlic paste. Hat and Bag Lady uses a cooking bag for her turkey. Our Cooking Board has tips for dressing up your gobbler. You can also check out this Turkey Specific Post for more ideas.

No matter what is on your plate this holiday season, our Cooking Board has a recipe to keep the holidays stress free and tasty. Happy Thanksgiving!

@Home This Weekend: School Spirit Wreath

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This weekend, show your school spirit with a decorative wreath. Powerhouseofthecell wrapped a wreath form with school colors and added bright flowers. Go team!

November 20, 2019 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 projects that Craftster readers have voted for with the “This Rocks!” button. Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!), this time by rackycoo. We hope you enjoy them!

Baby Carrots the Mini-Pinata by EriChanHime

supernatural pumpkin carving by maxxev

First Weaving Experience – Placemat by roler

Spiderman web cake by redheadedblonde

Flowers of the Month Fabric Planner by BigBangMomma

Smother Love! by crafterdark

Masterboards for ATCs! by craftylittlemonkey

Lipstick-shaped Gift Box! by TheMistressT

From plain to cozy – embellished night shirts by cmarion3

Wreath with school spirit! by Powerhouseofthecell

Fiber Friday by tendstowardschaos

Autumn Cookies by endymion

Scarves and a Scoodie (Modeled by My Cats) by amigurl55

Headband with Knotted Rose by sarahknot

Decoupage Foam Pumpkin by TheMistressT

Tute Tuesday: Map Paper Pinecones

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Map Paper PineconesWant to recycle an old map and create a holiday gift at the same time? Why not try out Phizzychick’s tutorial for a Map Paper Pinecone. These beautiful faux pinecones can be used as ornaments, part of a garland or placed in a lovely seasonal dish. They are perfect for both fall and winter decor. You don’t have to stick to maps, you can use any style paper you wish. If you have a bibliophile in your life, old books would be splendid for this project. You can read more about this design and the materials used HERE

Crafting this holiday season just got a little easier with tutorials from our Tutorial Cloud. No matter what craft you have in mind, we have inspiration for you.

Ode To Coffee

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We sure do love our coffee, and boy, is there a lot of coffee related art posted on Craftster, so pour a cuppa and let’s take a look at some of that coffee art.
Are you always in need of that morning pick up? Then you may agree with jaimeshive, who strongly declares “Death before decaf” here in embroidery.
Onyxnox wrote a lovely “poem for mornings” and painted this fun sign for her kitchen.
Here’s the cutest coffee fan ever! This little owl, painted by andralynn is getting ready to start his morning right. Mmm, coffee!
digital misfit used satin stitch to make this somewhat snarky ode to coffee. Great job!
This mixed media coffee art by alwaysinmyroom was made with paper, ink, paint, markers, and then a nice coat of wax. The layers and the wax give it such a nice depth.

Coffee, anyone? If you need more coffee, including other art, coffee mugs, and even coffee recipes, make sure to check out the Craftster tag “coffee“.

Meal Prep Monday: Chicken Pot Pie

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Chicken Pot PieThere is no better comfort food than a Chicken Pot Pie. It may seem daunting to make this savory dish, but trust us, it’s not when you use Queenhobo’s easy recipe. Most people stress about the crust, but you don’t have to when you use canned biscuits instead of a traditional topping. The thick biscuit crust gives the meal a chicken and dumpling flavor. Yummy! If the thought of chicken makes you want to scream, you can make a pot pie using other meats or seasonal vegetables.

No matter what you choose; chicken, beef or veggie, our Cooking Board has a mouthwatering recipes to tickle your tastebuds.

@Home This Weekend: DIY Room Divider

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This weekend, wow your friends with a gorgeous room divider made from everyday objects. pookiemccool made this pretty screen using a printer box, some old curtains, leftover furniture paint, and duct tape. This would be perfect for a shared bedroom!