January 4th, 2008

Craftster Best of 2007

Craftster members posted tens of thousands of craft/DIY projects in 2007. All of which were brilliant in one way or another. The very notion of choosing "the best" projects from 2007 is absolutely insane!

But alas, we thought it would be fun to try and programmatically determine “the best” projects.

Here’s how we did it…

For each craft category on Craftster we determined which 10 projects posted in 2007 got the most replies and views. Then we whittled each of those lists of 10 down to our 5 favorites. (An excruciating exercise to say the least!)

And so here we are… “the best” projects of 2007… or perhaps a better way to describe them would be…

“a bunch of totally kick-ass projects out of tens of thousands of kick-ass projects!”

BATH AND BEAUTY: Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects

Dread/Hair Falls :D **TUTORIAL POSTED PAGE 2!!!**
by rock_goddess
cloth pads=happy period
by the noodle princess
Jillie's Henna / Mehandi Designs (new added!!)
by Jillie
Not so edible Cupcakes
by sugarhandgrenade
Fake-out Bettie Page Bangs Without the Commitment~ w/ tut
by Spectrum_Noir

CLOTHING: Clothing: Completed Projects: General

Bird Tree Corset
by smicksy

hoodie + tutorial [image heavy]
by gnacissej
Kimono inspired hoodie [NEW!! TUTORIAL ON PAGE 9] ..yaay.
by madpimp
Prom Dress. Also known as "SATAN."
by justinexcore
Ball Gown Dress with Matching top hat
by cattie

CLOTHING: Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed

I love GIANT Michael's shirts! 1 shirt and 2 dresses + 2 Tutorials on p2
by mouse123
Big Ol' Shirt ----> Swank Little Dress
by carsoap
NOW WITH TUTORIAL 3 T's to paris and nicole's noelle mini ruffle tube dress
by loukr
16 Bright Red, XXL T-shirts=One awesome dress. ADDED TUTE!
by bleachrainbow
Giraffe Hoodie With Tutorial On Page Two!
by deepfriedkids

CLOTHING: Clothing for Curvacious Craftsters: Completed Projects

Wrap pants...
by paxye
Simplicity 3741: The Skulls-n-Roses Dress
by Dorion
I made an outfit (lot's o pics)
by missteri
More Dresses!IMG Heavy!
by BlkRze
My first Convertible dress w/lots of pics and smiles
by Tenille

CLOTHING: Sewing Clothes for Kids: Completed Projects

button shirt to toddler dress recon *NEW MINTY FRESH TUTORIAL*
by cheytown
dresses galore...extremely img heavy!
by feministfatale
rainbow twirly patch dress
by vegbee
A few things I made for my daughter over the summer. Image heavy!
by Nylaskye
Reversible Retro Wrap Jumper Top- NEW Semi-TUTE (Way IMG heavy)
by Kimberlina

CLOTHING: Shoes: Completed Projects

checkered vans to great wave UPDATED
by thriftjunkie
Recon'd Deco Children's Shoes....Laced to MJ's! Image OBESE!
by Pink*Marshmallow
NEW PICS UP!!! wedding shoes to gothicy/sexy pumps. painting leather=ikk.
by lol-lol
COLLAGE SHOES, first project on this site
by japaya
Say no to CROCS!!
by sunshyne


Craft Challenge #18 - Felt Inanimate Objects
Japanese Bento Box
by gerrijo
Craft Challenge #19 - Queen of Craftyness Tiaras
Royalty Runs With Scissors
by snowwhitesuicide
Craft Challenge #20 - Reusable Shopping Bag Challenge
This IS a plastic bag! Recycled and very resuable! (Pictures of making of bag)
by Lydia the Strange
Craft Challenge #21 - Total Board Game Revamp
Yarn + Hole Puncher + Uno cards = Crochet Uno dress!!
by KittyCreates
Craft Challenge #22 - Yin and Yang Pillowcases
Butterfly Effect: Order & Chaos Embroidered Pillowcases
by Red Paint

CROCHET: Crochet: Completed Projects

****NOW WITH TUTORIAL******I made a meerkat
by wibit
Pretty Puff Slouchy Hat UPDATE: Pattern added
by ArrghMatey
Crocheted Mythbusters: Jamie and Adam
by i am sapho
Luna Lovegood's Crocheted Cardigan Pattern **NOW WITH FO PICTURES AS PROMISED**
by chucklikesart
a smorgasbord of amigurumi goodness--lots of pictures
by djonesgirl

FIBER ARTS: Spinning: Completed Projects

Tour de Fleece 2007
by knitwit
Fiber Friday 5/11
by Star217
WOO HOO My very first official spinning project is FINALLY FINISHED!!
by caprig
Fiber Friday 6/15
by isamax

FIBER ARTS: Weaving: Completed Projects

My Technicolor Dream Blanket :) (Many many pictures!!)
by niftyknitter
Bird Weave
by smicksy
the FAAAAHBULOUS rug-weaving I've been doing--holy cheese it's image crazy!
by JoyousBohemian
My proud little weaver :)
by homebunnyj
Craftstravaganza shawl
by Lufah

FIBER ARTS: Felting: Completed Projects

I made a mini "Yip-yip" alien!
by krissykat
A cute and cuddly brain slug to call my own.
by krissykat
Dreadlocks from the Jungle
by Jane Doe
Neck piece - inspired by the circulatory system
by Jane Doe
*MATURE/ADULT* Felted sheep for Army buddy in Iraq
by PoiToy

FIBER ARTS: Dyeing: Completed Projects

Rainforest yarn!
by OneSheepHill
Did you know Kool-Aid will dye nylon? Whooda thunk
by natashafatale
batik dandelion dress
by TwilightDancer
Tons of Easter Egg dyed Yarn--With link to in depth tutorial (Image Heavy)
by aschnebly
mandala batik on hemp rayon...and its birth....
by TwilightDancer

GLASS CRAFTS: Glass Crafts: Completed Projects

Street art inspired wall mosaic *EDIT: Now with grout and hanging on my wall!*
by vixenmeowmeow
So I finally have a fire on my fireplace...
by Raindancing
Mosaic Cart WIP (Completed 9/21/07)
by HSG
new to the site, so a hello to fellow fusers & here's my latest work...
by handmade heaven
Mosaic Forest Scene in the Shower
by craftygram

HOME SWEET HOME: Crafty Housewares: Completed Projects: General

Craftster-inspired "Pop" Art Mirror
by colarific
Nintendo Perler Bead Coaster Set
by artoo1121
the boyfriend's chair (image heavy)
by smrjunior
Tea box ***Tutorial added***
by Marinka
Made a lamp out of my collection of glass headsNEW FOTOS/christmas lights
by jodilee

HOME SWEET HOME: HOME SWEET HOME: Crafty Housewares: Completed Projects: Reconstructed

Dreaming of a Purple ZEBRA (a desk) bunch-o-pics
by ArmyOfMe
a bicicletaspoon chandelier... sort of....
by violentlyknits
Melted Lego Lamp
by sweets4ever
I had to do SOMETHING about a small white refrigerator....
by HalfBrit
Tut: Make your own library-style magazine storage boxes (and save $$$)!
by Lava means love.

HOME SWEET HOME: Interior Decorating: Completed Projects

Cherry Blossomed apartment! IMG HVY!
by missjesswinkwink
Wild Things mural (a bit photo heavy)
by Redforkhippie
pirate room for my son
by miep
My New Doggie Daycare Room! (Super image heavy!)
by DogGrrl
my super awesome tiled colorful crazy bedroom wall
by DithMer

HOME SWEET HOME: Exterior Decorating / Yard Art / Gardening: Completed Projects

Log +old chair==funkrustico throne!!
by balkandina
Pond and Veggie Garden shots....
by craftydeb
i painted my garage-door
by miep
Backyard Playset - image heavy
by sugarbeth
CD Jewel Case Birdhouse
by foldingj

HOME SWEET HOME: Pet-Related Crafts: Completed Projects

My ferret, Tonics Halloween Costume
by *crystal*
UPDATED Kitty's pimped room :) (PHTO HVY)
by mmcheezesandwich
My Cat's Evil Pope Costume
by uglyshyla
Luxury Cat Condo Extraordinare
by Miss. Cellaneous
Millennium Falcon cat bed
by urka

IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES: Stenciling: Completed Projects

Hello Potter and Guitar Hero! The Gifting of Co-Workers Continues!
by Scatter Kincaid
Camera Shirt *now with stencil*
by crafty_rach
Geeky Tees! (Foto Phat)
by red_phooka
bleach pen + asl = fabulous
by emlee_bee
my first stenciling project - come with us to the world of the mighty boosh
by mondenkind

IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES: Inkjet Iron-On Transfers: Completed Projects

alice in wonderland shirt : edited to remove links
by _wheres_waldo_
Breastfeeding onesie (mildly offensive?)
by dooney
goya prints on muslin - links to pictures.
by londoncalling
Why pay top dollar for themed underwear?
by Icemommy
Halo2 Master Chief Shirt
by GeekMagnet

IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES: Silk Screening: Completed Projects

Flight of the Conchords undies
by HeyCarrieAnn
Dark Creature - a screen printed tote ^_^
by ArmyOfMe
Mushroom, Gnome and Dodo Dish Towels
by giantsquid
gasmask family shirt
by bradbane
armadillo on cork
by stacysaurus

JEWELRY AND TRINKETS: Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: General

stretched ear jewelry--beware piercings (IMG HEAVY)
by synthecide
embroidered... bracelets?
by misslilamae
I can't stop drawing circles! New shrinky necklaces
by BrokenFingersArt
Female Assassin
by miserylovesme
Shrink Plastic bracelets and pendant. + NEW NECKLACE
by theperfect1

JEWELRY AND TRINKETS: Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: Reconstructed

Making beads from plastic bottles
by verdilak
coin rings! i'm an addict!!!
by johnarae89
Steampunkilicious: gear rings (picture heavy) and a necklace or two.
by onceupon
pin cushions from china ware
by kellen46
Not just another Spoon Bracelet
by farmgirljane

JEWELRY AND TRINKETS: Beads: Completed Projects

"Reflection" (beading suicide) * edit with finished strap*
by beadizzygrl
My Beaded Wedding Bouquet.....
by SprigofIvy
by twistedbeader
beaded DNA with tutorial! (muchas im‡genes)
by mermaide
Luna Lovegood's radish earrings
by RedMenace

KNITTING: Knitting: Completed Projects

*UPDATE* Wonder Woman Jumper- *Now with tute*
by Kaby
My Uncles Wig
by farmgirljane
Wings on my Back ***Edited to add TUT*** RE-EDITED TO ADD CHARTS***
by canarysanctuary
Duck Hunt Sweater - pic heavy (now with charts!)
by Quacker Jacks
Santa Helmet Ho Ho Ho! - Updated Pattern 24/12/07
by Salihan


To the Dragonmobile! a Harry Potter pimped wheelchair (pic heavy, sort of tute)
by sophieangele
by jamiewatchthestars
I made a giant devil. And I mean GIANT. And now I'm just showing off.....
by gorgaus
Emergency Zombie Defense Station
by Bunny in a Bear
guilt-inducing swizzle sticks for my sister's 21st birthday
by safetyscissors

MORE ART, LESS CRAFT: More Art, Less Craft: Completed Works

A Christmas Tree... well.... kind of.
by alkalntrin
kansas ice storm
by spurtiic
I had Brain Surgery
by lil_abi
present for my mom
by teenagegluesniffer
Cross-Section of a Cloud
by the_bees_knees

MORE ART, LESS CRAFT: Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

3 little maids from school are we... Qazicat's ATC Gallery- lots new pics 8
by qazicat
OriginalYouth's Neverending ATC Gallery
by OriginalYouth
Alice in Wonderland
by Phizzychick
WYOKrista's Gallery of ATCs- 2 new "punchies"
by WYOKrista
beaded and sequined atcs!
by crafty_dame

NEEDLEWORK: Needlework: Completed Projects

No more poking needles in armrests ... an embroidery armrest organizer
by radwriter
some of my embroideries (warning swear words involved)
by UrsulaDiamond
embroidered people jacket
by cowgirlinthesand
Cross Stitched Mp3 Case - I'm proud! :D
by pinky_penguin
embroidered buttons
by merwing


More onion eggs
by sunnyday
Kids favors, heart-shaped crayons
by sweets4ever
Midnight at the Chocolate Factory - A formal! (LOTS of pictures!)
by sylvieonabun
Paper Snowflakes dipped in Wax (complete w/ photos) Folding tut added
by Elby
The dark side of pumpkins
by playinghooky

PAPER CRAFTS, JOURNALS & BOOK MAKING: Paper Crafts: Completed Projects: General

Recycle/Make Your Own Paper (with Tutorial and Insane Amount of Pics)
by enakitty
Star Books! The TUTORIAL! (Wordy w/Loads of pics)
by Kargrrl
Altered Matchbooks
by jolenemarie
Inchies! More added 12/16
by rackycoo
Love Letter box- image heavy ...now with link to online tut...
by Babyangel

PAPER CRAFTS, JOURNALS & BOOK MAKING: Paper Crafts: Completed Projects: Reconstructed

My visual journal: New Page Sept 21!
by Katxena
100% Repurposed Paper-Waste Journal
by Martine
A Clock Made From A Book
by jolenemarie
picture frames from old hardcover books
by desafinado
Scrabble Board Collage/Easel
by Mary Bell

PAPER CRAFTS, JOURNALS & BOOK MAKING: Scrapbooking: Completed Projects

Denny's Menu turned Album of Love
by lariarocket
Heritage Recipe Book
by Banga
From cigarettes to sketches...!
by lariarocket
Fabric on a layout
by Mrs. Grieves
idea journal
by odile

POLYMER CLAY: Polymer Clay: Completed Projects

Fast Food Chain Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Frosty, Fries and a Coke *NEW PICS
by kishcrafts
I'm not afraid of blue! IMG heavy
by teapotdnky
by japaya
Tutorial - Fortune Cookie Charms (edited - works!)
by acrylicana
Tetris silverware: Classy.
by safetyscissors

PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS: Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: General

TUTORIAL FINALLY ADDED!!!Happy Star Felt iPod Cozy For 3g (Super IMG Heavy)
by moxie_d
TUTORIAL: Straight Sided Triangular Cosmetic Bag
by queenofdiy
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Playful Planetoid Purse
by graverobbergirl
guitar-shaped bag for my boyfriend's PSP (WITH TUTORIAL. and so many pics!!)
by mewyam
TUTORIAL: Singlet Style Shopping Bag (like the plastic shopping bag)
by queenofdiy

PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS: Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: Reconstructed

Wallet made from a computer keyboard
by zieak
My Soda Pop Tab Purse
by Linzpinz
First post: Measuring Tape, Tea and Cereal Boxes
by Flapi
Makeup bag made entirely from plastic bag fabric....not hideous!
by jamiewatchthestars
by jloveg

QUILTING: Quilting: Completed Projects

Scrappy Square Quilt
by KatherineEmma
Postage Stamp WIP (new pics added Dec 19!)
by Katxena
Harry Potter Quilt (more pics added!)
by ofenjen
clothing-scrap quilt
by petritent
by StephaniePrice

TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS: Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects

Embroidered Plush Nintendo System
by blueblythe
Close Your Clothes!
by annam42
Cardboard toy kitchen for my daughter (a ton o' pics)
by annam42
hi-tech bunny
by cats_pajamas
Heroes: The Board Game **Added Game Rules and Card Pics to make your own!**
by patty_o_furniture