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The Craftster Digizine! Make a huge splash for only $5 a day!

Why should I advertise my small business on Craftster?

Craftster has an enormous audience of 850,000+ readers and 8.5 million pageviews per month! And we all know that crafty peeps love to support small creative businesses!

What is this so-called Craftster Digizine?

The Craftster Digizine enables small businesses to make a HUGE splash at a low price that makes sense for small businesses.

The Craftster Digizine is a nice big ad unit which displays up to 10 banners at once. This enables us to charge only 1/10 of an already low rate for advertising. This keeps this advertising option super cheap.

10 banners at once? What do you mean?

Here are what this ad unit look like. The banner ads rotate every 10 seconds and you can also rollover the banners to scroll through all the banner ads.

Doesn't having my ad shown with 10 others water it down?

Nope! Here's why. First of all, every time the Craftster Digizine is shown, it randomly sorts the banners so a different ad comes up first every time. Secondly, the ads auto-rotate every few seconds. Thirdly, when a reader rolls over the Craftster Digizine they see a little navigation bar which allows them to access all of the ads. And fourthly (to make up a new word), when a reader rolls over the Craftster Digizine they see small arrows on the sides which allow them to move from ad to ad.

How much exposure do I get and how much does this cost?

Advertising in the Craftster Digizine costs $5.00 / day and you get 50,000 ad views (impressions) per day.

If you've shopped around for online advertising, you'll know that this is an amazing deal.

What kinds of businesses or endeavors can advertise?

Any business or any endeavor can advertise as long as it's creativity-related (crafts, art, comics, music, etc) and as long as the ad does not contain imagery we think would be a problem for our readers. You can advertise your Etsy shop, your crafty blog, your craft fair, your indie band, your online comic strip, etc.

Alrighty, I'm sold. How do I begin?

1. Make yourself a banner that's the right size and specifications. We have a bunch of Banner Ad Tips here.

2. Register for a Craftster account if you don't already have one. This is totally free and we never sell or misuse your information. This just enables you to login to the Craftster Digizine ad system.

3. Click the Purchase Campaign link at the top of the screen and follow the directions.