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350 Tshirt Contest Voting
The voting period has ended and the winner will be announced by Sept 25, 2008

This is a one of a kind drawing which i used pencils and ink i wanted to put the feelings of the earth ie unhappy, pain suffering, as people are not taking care of the earth as they should and its dieing and we are going to suffer because of it
Skiing 2100?tuowE
Hi, this is my t-shirt design for 350! I find beautiful plan, to keep these contest like this to save the world together. If I think of 350, I think global warming, and if I think to that, I think of the increase of the water level. For this reason I have marked a skieŽr, that was possible to ski in 2000, still on 3500m, but in 2100? no longer, not because the snow is gone, but because the water level is too high. It is perhaps a little bit exaggerated, but my design symbolised the global warming!

the we love tea teegemmacorrell
a happy design which i hope will appeal to lots of people :)
the flowers like 350 tooRalph
So I doodle all the time at work, in fact my students refer to me as "the drawing teacher" and one day I came up with this happy flower man and I immediately thought of the creativity 350 campaign and how my happy flower man will not be that happy if something isn't done soon. I thought of the words 'think, live, breathe' as a sort of mantra, if I think, live and breathe '350', keep that number in all aspects of my life then I will be able to affect a change in this world in terms of the carbon dioxide levels. I used fabric pens to create my design and freehanded most of it to keep with its doodling origins. I hope you guys like it and that I can affect people by wearing it, -Ralph

Save The Earthalchemikey
t-shirt of a tree made of save the earth words and people holding hands around the earth in support of 350
Your 350 Brainmammocraft
A side view of an ocean-blue brain with the Earth-green numbers "350" on it and a border of red for effect. One pic minus the red.

World in a hot saucepanGabsy007
The world is over heating. The saucepan represents the atmosphere which is heating up. The 350 is represented in the steam to signify the levels we need to keep things at.
Equilibrium 350artoo1121
My idea going into this design was to have design that has an identifiable simplicity. I used the "350" in the center and surrounded it with plant life. Above the 350 there is an abstracted flame representing a high level of carbon and atmospheric warming, and below there is a cooling water pool showing the earth at rest.

350 - The Redline for Planetary Safetygjden
A bold, graphic representation of global warming as CO2 emissions rise above the redline of safety: 350ppm (and cool as levels decend below 350)
We hang ourself.
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