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350 Craft Contest Voting
The voting period has ended and the winner will be announced by Sept 25, 2008

TerraBOT 350Art2Art
Title: TerraBOT 350 Size: 25" tall Media: Assemblage & Mixed Media from recycled goods and doll parts TerraBOT 350 is a little guy made from a recycled plastic coffee container, creamer bottles for his three legs, arms from a broken doll, along with a used glass globe for his head. *Assorted embellishments, paint and holographic papers finish off this modern BOT that holds the key puzzle piece for our future on this beautiful planet. *TerraBOT 350 thanks you so much for looking and would appreciate your vote!

350 = 1 happy planetCohesiveChaos
I wanted to stick to the 'no language necessary' format of the site for my project but still convey the right message, I also wanted the project to be portable so that the message could go where I go. After time this was the idea I came up with, if we can begin to reverse the effects of global warming our planet will be much happier with us all. So 350 definitely equals one happy planet don't you think?!

Positive Future Packcleanout
The 350 message is in the bag! Wear this pack and you have a useful, adaptable item ready for a journey to a positive future! Unisex pack with large main compartment and pockets. Made from various thrift shop fabrics!

A Year on the PrairiesMama Ark
Inspired by a flight over the Prairies, my home. It is a mass of fields of differents crops, grasses, and forests. The quilting reflects tillage, drifts, leaves, and water movement. Made entirely from stash.
The polar ice caps are melting...and Yeti is very sour!!sweetandsourgoodies
Global Warming has caused the polar ice caps to melt and the ocean levels to rise!! Yeti is worried that he will no longer have a home to call his own!!

Eye Cry 350aswee
Our children inherit our doings. We are turning over to them an earth that needs healing. The abuse we put upon her causes pain, for us all. Together, 350 at a time we can help her heal.

350 recycled paper peace cranes for a healthier planetethertree
Most people know about the tradition of folding 1,000 origami peace cranes – the act is supposed to bring luck, health and wellbeing to the folder. I’ve been doing origami for a while now, and when I saw this challenge, the idea came almost instantly: what about folding 350 cranes to represent the effort to bring health and wellbeing to our planet? So I put away my store-bought origami paper and picked up some grocery advertisements (see second picture) – they’re these uber-colorful stacks of sales announcements that arrive at my house every week and just wind up going in the recycling (there’s no mailing list, it’s automatic for people in this area, so they come whether we want them to or not). And I began my 3-week journey :) Materials: recycled paper, scissors Time: A LOT (including the cutting of the paper and the numbering and counting of the cranes, about 10 minutes per crane – that’s 3,500 minutes, or about 58 hours!) [I owe thanks to my friend Marie for folding a dozen-ish when I was short on my quota one night – origami parties are fun, if rather sedentary ☺] At last, I had 350 fun, colorful, and eye-catching pieces of origami, and I hadn’t bought any newly manufactured products – I’d just reached into my recycle bin! I also discovered just how many of those unnecessary advertisements get printed: even after 350 cranes, I had tons of paper left over, and we get more every week, as do thousands of other households. Which is what Project 350 is trying to do: to get people to think differently about energy, about what we need vs. what we just think we need, and about how much we use up that doesn’t have to go to waste. If we as a global community cut back on unnecessaries and start thinking creatively instead, we can begin to heal our planet. Thanks for looking!

350 Upcycled Wool HoodfairyDrew
Cozy meets sensible in earth friendly hood that sports the 350 for added awareness! It acts as both a Hat and Scarf! If you get too warm, it flips down like a Hood. You can tie the scarflette behind your back so you can adventure to market without worrying about your hat! An added bonus is that you won’t get saturated no matter how torrential the downpour! You can even tie the tails to make a Satchel. It's made from wool selvage, a "waste" bi-product of the textile industry. I added value to a material that would otherwise be thrown away, by transforming it into comfy, practical, sustainable attire! Thanks for supporting 350 and the earth that we all share!

help heal the earth hand knitmisfitknits
when i was thinking of ideas for these socks, i was, of course, thinking about nature and the earth but i didn't want it to be so literal. i wanted them to be bold and graphic, i wanted people to see them from across the street. the sequence of the stripes on the feet of the socks are based on fibonacci numbers, which are related to the golden ratio that is often found in nature and has been used in architecture for centuries. i knit the "350" motif on the outside of each leg so they would be visible from either side of the wearer. most importantly, my intentions were not only to make a cozy pair of socks that looked great, but i wanted them to have a purpose. i wanted people to see them and ask me about their meaning. i am extremely happy with how they turned out, and i hope they open up a creative line of communication to help spread the word.

The Average U.S. CitizenGAPsummer
The Teen Garden Apprentics at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens created this sculpture with recycled cardboard and paper. His giant feet are made completely of 350 recycled and reused plastic bags to represent an average United States' citizen large carbon footprint.

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