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350 Tshirt Contest Voting
The voting period has ended and the winner will be announced by Sept 25, 2008

350 conscient human insidejavier luengas
Fresh front design, simple to understand and cool to wear, message is clear and attractive. Back design, encourages others to be a conscient human about the 350 goal.
Limit 350bluebicicletta
My original pen and ink drawing, "Limit 350," shows the globe as if there was a carbon emissions limit (much like a speed limit) of 350. More trees, bicycles, and solar arrays are just a few of the solutions we would need to meet this goal.
73 unimportant numbersHappychick
I used a whole bunch of random 'unimportant' numbers as a background, to contrast with 350 - the most important number in the world.
pass it on logodavidlegg
a tee shirt that lets you know that you are doing something to pass on the earth to the next genration
Together we can reach 350brigita p
The design tries to relate the importance of every individual contributing to the common goal. It is equally important for the industries (the wind power plants) and individuals (girl on a bicycle) to try and lower the amount of CO2 exhausts into the atmosphere. It might seem like ONE person can't do much to help preserve nature, but if everyONE does their bit, together, we can succeed and keep nature clean and healthy for our successors.
Earth 350aspergerskitty
At first glance, it looks like Earth. Take a second look and see the land masses are actually the number 350! This would look great on a brown shirt.
Recycled tops!!angelaf
my daughter and i have been saving milk lids for this project. We assembled them in the form of 350 took a photo on some ply to be then printed on tshirts.
350 Greensamuelwyoung
I wanted to make something visually interesting that could help exemplify this message. I think this can really help start some conversation about this!

350 ICEBERGmerita
I wanted to creat a T-shirt that would warn us of the danger of global warming. I thought that melting iceberg would be perfect. So I draw 350 iceberg with very high sea level. Iceberg shows the idea how everybody can help. Even though we can see only small part of iceberg over the sea level, the whole iceberg is huge. Every single person represents the upper part of the iceberg. The smaller part. But all together we are HUGE and we can make a difference.
Earth by Numberdfloyd
The number 350 using different fonts to form a picture of the earth. No matter how different everyone is; together we can make a difference.
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