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350 Tshirt Contest Voting
The voting period has ended and the winner will be announced by Sept 25, 2008

Global Savings Timelawskinner
This design is based upon day lights savings time. hence the name "Global Savings Time" It is a reminder that it is "Time" to reverse the effects of global warming.
350 is the lifeline for a world adrift in a sea of CO2.
Bamboo 350 Asian InspiredCraft The World
Bamboo is: -a symbol of eco-wellness; -a fantastic eco-friendly building material, reforestation plant, renewable resource, and more; -a symbol of our planet's strength, beauty, and tenacity -a source of oxygen, of course, and a fighter of greenhouse gases! I was inspired by the 350 concept and thought, "what this needs is an image shows the importance of the environment, and I want it to use a simple image to remind us how simple it can be to make a difference". Well, here it is: a simple design, based on the world's fastest growing oxygen-producing plant, a symbol of beauty, nature, strength, and smart coexistence with our planet. And the sun, red and brilliant above, reminds us of the danger of the deteriorating ozone layer. As if the bamboo is sheltering us below, as it feeds our air. I envision that this design could be put just about anywhere on a shirt, but I esp. like the idea of putting the bamboo on the bottom left corner (if you were looking at someone straight-on), and put the sun up on the high right. Or, it could remain grouped together. I hope you love this as much as I do.
Upgrade 350nbscloset
With a little investment... You can reduce your carbon foot print by replacing ALL your old incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED lighting. Features a green shirt with CFL bulb. Let's roll it back to 350 :)
350 cloud t-shirt design by 315thomas315thomas
350.org can help make the world a brighter place! hand drawn image with rain clouds that spell out 350, raining down onto happy little flowers.
Love Recycle Earth: 350kimQuinn
I used a heart, the recycle symbol and the Earth to spell out 350. Love the Earth, Recycle!
Equation for Successsusyph
This simple pictorial equation is meant to represent one of the solutions to save our world.

COOL ITMaryMaryMary
A child is bearing the weight of the increasingly warming world on her shoulders. A thermometer shows the world at the possibility of higher than 350 degrees. She asks that we "cool it" for the sake of her future.

Its the moment...Savled
it is not too late, leave time for planet...
Its too much too look at!!purplishea
When exceeding 350,our 'home' will become uglier and harder to live in...The pixelate view of the world shows the state of our world.Which is maybe unbearable to look at.
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