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350 Craft Contest Voting
The voting period has ended and the winner will be announced by Sept 25, 2008

We are not alone Tote bagmac2188
"We are not alone" tote bag. Tote is made from blue fabric with white polka dots. Inside is lined in natural linen. Tote has sturdy matching blue polka dot handles. Applique on the front of the tote is the number 350 adorn with a pink squid, butterfly, bird, sun and clouds. The front bottom of the tote has a large black sperm whale about to eat some krill (krill made from hand sewn beads). Inside tote is a detachable black with white polka dots pouch with an applique of the Earth. Spread the word about global warming and help save our atmosphere! Tote measures: 15 x 12.5 inches, or 38.1 x 31.8 cm Straps measure: 19.5 inches rom end to end, or 49.5 cm Earth pouch measures: 4 x 6 inches, or 10.2 x 15.2 cm

Its About to Go DownLinnove
This is a knitted 9ft 2 1/2" acrylic scarf. The red arrows signify the importance of reducing the ppm.
Trash upcycled into 350kitty495
I took materials (even the base) that were scraps from other crafts, headed for the garbage or recycling to convey the importance of '350'. Materials include magazine, paper scraps, and also metallic CD labels. I believe upcycling is more energy efficient way of reusing post-consumer by-products than sending them to the recycling plant, and is definitely better than sending scraps to the trash! :)

Every Blade of Grass Mattersdragonhouseofyuen
In the bigger picture things are getting worse - in the smaller picture every blade of grass matters - motto - every single being must take responsibility and initiate change. Reduce the ppm to 350 and LESS!
350 SweaterletBeadLadyBug
I designed the pattern for this sweater and knit it on a manual knitting machine. The number 350 was hand stitched.
350 Upcycled Postcardsducinaltum
These postcards were made from reused cardboard and old wrapping paper. To me, this represents the mission of 350: living out a sustainable lifestyle while also spreading the word about helping our world.

Urban Vermicomposting Bagapollo1
This is a "continuous flow" vermicomposting bag. That is, the composting of food scraps is facilitated by worms! This is a great set-up for people who live in condos, apartments or other places where traditional outdoor composting is not an option. According to the EPA, food scraps in landfills are a contributor of methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide. Composting food scraps helps reduce the amount of food that ends up in landfills. This vermicomposting bag allows one to easily feed food scraps to the worms that live there, who in turn digest the microbial waste producing rich fertilizer which can then be used in gardens and on plants. The scraps are deposited into the bag with a mixture of bedding(cardboard items such as egg carton containers, toilet paper rolls, etc). As the worms digest the waste their castings are left below as they move upward toward the deposited food. This makes harvesting the resulting fertilizer from the bottom easy and efficient. There is a mesh covering on top which allows for ventilation. This practice will help contribute toward reducing greenhouse gases and getting to 350!
350 squareswegsie39
approx. 11" x 6" made up of 350 individual squares cut from magazines and a space calendar 3 = air 5 = water 0 = earth floating in space...
EarthEater in Disquise - Shhh...Im an Owlsidheforest
This EarthEating Juice bottle has decided to help save the Earth by disquising him self as an Owl and living on. He would like to send all EarthEaters a big 350 shout out and ask that they join in the 350 movement. All parts of this owl are made from recycled materials.
Bella Saves the World MarketbagNinisHandmades
I have crochet this bag in a machine washible, fade resistant acrylic yarn. This bag can hold much, and will be a loyal companion throughout all your shopping trips. I have embellished the front with off course nothing other than handdesigned felt numbers and the Zero represents the earth.

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