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Welcome to the Creativity 350 page! Our contest ended on August 31st. What was it all about? Well, we invited people to create a craft project or t-shirt design that somehow creatively spread the word about the climate change awareness campaign called 350.org.

And... drum roll please... here are the winners!

Craft project contest winner
(see ALL the amazing entries here!)

350 Save Mother Earth

"16 x 18 inches of recycled canvas and cardboard and findings. Over 3,000 beads and vintage goodies to express what the word needs to do now to save the water, skies, animals, nature and mandkind. Now! This is a 3-D altered recycled please to help spread the word... 350 now."

T-shirt design contest winner
(see ALL the amazing entries here!)

Equilibrium 350 by artoo1121

"My idea going into this design was to have design that has an identifiable simplicity. I used the "350" in the center and surrounded it with plant life. Above the 350 there is an abstracted flame representing a high level of carbon and atmospheric warming, and below there is a cooling water pool showing the earth at rest."

We want to say a huge Thank You! to everyone who entered this contest, everyone who voted, and to our wonderful prize contributors which you can see listed below.