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Amaco Majolica Gloss Glazes

Lead-free Majolica Gloss Decorating Colors (GDC series) have been developed specifically to produce the Majolica technique. This means that no clear covering glaze is necessary. Colors fire glossy and assume the smooth surface of the white base glaze. This gloss can also be used for overall coverage, or to design over the bisque with no additional glaze over or under it. Colors are very versatile and can be successfully used over other white or color glazes as long as a small sample is pretested first to establish the appropriate temperature to achieve the best results. Amaco LG-11 Opaque White, a lead-free white glaze, is recommended as an undercoat. Majolica colors are safe for dinnerware when applied alone, or on top of Amaco LG-11 Opaque White glaze. Majolica Gloss Decorating Colors' firing range is cone 06–5 (1855°F–2205°F, 1013°C–1207°C). Examples shown in images are fired to cone 05 (1911°F, 1045°C). Individual colors come in 1 pint (437 ml) plastic jars.

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