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Patina Gel - 2 Oz

Pre-Mixed Liver of Sulfur Gel Patina Gel is liver of sulfur in a stabilized gel form. Not only is it a convenient, easy way to use liver of sulfur, but amazingly it does not degrade in light and air the way the lump form does. Dry liver of sulfur can be unstable and goes dead in a few hours if left uncovered or exposed to light. Liver of sulfur in liquid form is also unstable. Patina Gel is stable, so even if the lid has been left off, it will remain fresh. Patina Gel is economical. Use only what you need. It is also safe. Ordinary lump sulfur is flammable, but Patina Gel and 39;s unique chemistry makes it non-flammable and safe for international shipping. Patina Gel mixes quickly and easily in water, or it can be brushed on full strength directly from the jar. You and 39;ll love the convenience and long life, and it oxidizes just like any other sulfur-based oxidizing agent. 2 oz. For instructions, click View User Manual. Project below created by artist Jackie Truty. From Metal Clay The Complete Guide book 6767.

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