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SMI Flat File Storage Systems

SMI Flat File Storage Systems provide a large amount of storage space in a small package, combining a filing drawer, a tool drawer, and an adjustable shelf in one unit. This piece is stackable and designed to be paired with the SMI Pedestal Desk and other SMI Flat Files, so you can create the exact desk and storage configuration you need. The drawers feature veneer walls and tempered hardboard drawer bottoms. The tool drawer measures 4½"H × 13¼"W × 25¾"D (11 cm × 34 cm × 65 cm) , ideal for pencils, brushes, tube paints, and other supplies. The file drawer accommodates standard, letter-size hanging files. An open space with an adjustable shelf holds reference materials and supplies. The base and drawer faces are made of solid oak, finished with multiple coats of furniture-grade lacquer to protect the wood and bring out its natural beauty. Note — Configuration shown to the right includes the Flat File Storage System with the 3 Drawer Oak Stackable File with Cap and Base. Stackable Files, Cap, and Base are sold separately on the links below.

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From Dick Blick Art Materials


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