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Rolling Screen Racker

The Rolling Screen Racker provides a safe place for drying and storing screens, with casters for mobility. Widths are adjustable, to easily accommodate all screen frames. Shelves are deep, and can support any length screen. Better organization means improved productivity. Screens can easily be processed in one area, then moved to another for drying. Screens can be in multiple stages of processing, including storage, on different rackers. Jobs can be staged on a Racker, and held safely until they are needed for printing. Even larger screens can be accommodated by connecting two racks together, front to back. The heavy duty PVC angle shelves are capable of supporting heavy loads. Any chance of scratching has been eliminated. Assembly is required. Note — The standard lead time for delivery of these large racks is 3 weeks.

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  • $595.00

From Dick Blick Art Materials


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