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Daylight Clip-On Studio Lamp

This stable three-legged tripod extends to 7 ft high and holds up to four clip-on studio lamps, for the equivalent of 400 watts of light! One Daylight Clip-On Studio Lamp and a 20W Daylight bulb are included. Add more lamps as additional light is needed. Designed for artists, restorers, and photographers working on medium to extra-large paintings, murals, internal wall sections, or other large objects, Daylight's stylish Clip-On Studio Lamp helps create an optimal working environment so artists can focus on their work instead of the light. The Daylight Clip-On Studio Lamp features a unique clamp-lock system that secures it firmly to a stand or tripod. An Easy-Twist 320° head joint affixed to a 5" flexible arm allows the light to be directed precisely where it's needed. The lamp features an extra-long 10 ft cord. A 20W Daylight bulb is included. Daylight bulbs issue a flicker-free , even distribution of light with minimal heat and no glare. Even if you touch the shade or bulb accidentally, you won't be burned. Plus, Daylight's full-spectrum technology assures optimal color-matching and eases eyestrain, so you can comfortably work for longer periods of time. Daylight bulbs use 80% less energy than normal household bulbs and last up to 10 times longer, so while you're reducing your electric bill, you're also doing your part for the planet! 120V. 60 Hz. UL listed.

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