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Primo Primer Kiln Wash - 5 Lb.

High temperature shelf and mold primer is designed to handle higher temperatures. Create flawless castings, avoid glass sticking to molds. Recommended kiln wash for casting molds including premium Colour de Verre casting molds. Applies smoothly and lasts for multiple firings. Powder, requires mixing before use. Includes directions (listed below). 5 lb container. Directions Mix 1 part powder to 5 parts water. Mix thoroughly. Apply evenly to shelf with soft bristle brush 4 or more times. Cure primed shelf or mold at 550 and deg; F for 20 minutes. Remove used primer by vacuum, brush or damp sponge. Note Mixed solution will precipitate to bottom of container. Shake vigorously. Use the included marbles to assist with the mixing process.

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